Race Schedule 2012

6:00 AM: 4-Mile Run – COMPLETED

Okay, so this post has been in queue now for 3-days. Yes, THREE long days. I haven’t had a chance to post much because it’s been super busy at work and after as well. I’m making another attempt to get this out before my day gets crazy.

So far, I’m registered for three races this year. I’m still researching some races that will lead up to both this Spring and my Fall marathon. Here’s what I have thus far:

1. KeyBank Vermont City Marathon: I paid $80.00 for this race (but really $160. I paid for my sister’s marathon also as a Christmas gift). It’s going to be a fun race since I’ll be running with a bunch of friends. My girlfriend, Courtney, grew up in Vermont, so we’ll be staying with her. Saving some money is a good thing!

2. Boilermaker 15k: I’m heading to Utica.

My girlfriend lives out here and will be having a baby girl this April. My one girlfriend will be coming along with Lili and I and we’re trying to get another friend of ours to come for an all girls trip. How much fun would that be. Also, Lili will be 1!!! Crazy.

I registered for the 15k. It will actually be my FIRST 15k ever. I was supposed to run one in December 2010, but I was 12-weeks pregnant and vomiting. I’ve heard that this race is pretty big. The cap it at 14,000 for the 15k and 4,000 for the 5k. It’s pretty popular. Here’s the thing, I hate racing in the summer. I mean, HATE it. My finishing time is terrible. Maybe it’s all in my head?!? Who knows.

3. NYC ING 2012 Marathon: So, I’m finally in and I’m also $266.00 poorer. Yes, this race is way too expensive so you better believe that it’s my FIRST and LAST NYC race, unless I’m racing it for no registration fee. It’s ridiculous if you ask me, but if it’s the only time I’ll be guaranteed in, then I better run it now. Who knows, maybe in a decade they’ll make this race a “qualifying” race. Either that or it’ll cost $500.

The one thing about this race I probably won’t like is that it falls on Daylight Savings. So even though you have an extra hour of sleep, I feel like it messes you up. I guess we’ll see in November.

I’m pleased with my racing schedule thus far, but I’m still looking for races in between to go with my training. Any suggestions? FYI, I prefer races on the east coast, preferably NJ, NYC, Philly, Boston (though it’s too cold for winter/spring races), Rhode Island, Maryland, D.C. I think those are all drivable for the family.

6 thoughts on “Race Schedule 2012

  1. Wow, two marathons and a 15K! You will be a busy runner this year! So happy you have these races ready to go and I’m sure you will find more. I am so impressed that you will be running these 3 plus more! Go Rachel!

    • I can’t wait for you to have more 5ks in your schedule. After a few of those, it’ll be time to do a 10k!!!! ;o) I’m hoping Bob will help me be a faster runner. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  2. damn girl, you are going to be BUSY!!!!! i love doing 2 marathons per year – it keeps you on your toes! come to philly for any of our fine races: broad street (may), RnR HM (sept), and philly HM (nov — although by then you may want some time off!). we need to meet up!

    not running related but the pic of lili in a shoe box is adorable!

    • I think a Spring and Fall marathon is good, but I have to say, training in the summer is not my favorite. I definitely prefer winter running anyway. You can layer off and peel off, but in the summer, you can’t run naked. LOL And YES, we definitely need to meet!!!! I’ve done RnR two summers ago. I’ll definitely look into the Philly HM in November. I might be pregnant with #2 by then. Hehe…

  3. It’s fun (and pricy) to start mapping out the race schedule. I agree that the NYC marathon registration fee is absurd — it’s twice what it costs to race Chicago, and if you ask me, I think Chicago is the superior race. Anyway, I’d recommend Boston’s Run to Remember. I ran it in 2010, it costs $45-$55, and has a beautiful course that runs through the heart of Boston and along the Charles river. It’s a gorgeous race, worth the money and in a spectacular city.

    Good luck this year!

    • Thanks for your input. I’ll have to look up Boston’s Run to remember. I haven’t been to Boston in 10-years and would love to make a weekend trip out there soon. ;o)

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