Where’s the Beeeeef???

6:00 AM: 3.6-Mile Run on the TM – COMPLETED

The other day when I went food shopping, I picked up a new cooking magazine. Boy, do I get sucked into those magazines. Usually it’s the gossip tabloids, but sometimes, I’ll see a yummy dish on the front of the magazine and $10.00 later my grocery bill spikes to $130 and change.

If you know my husband, he’s a meat lover. I know, I know. His cholesterol is skyrocket HIGH, but I am going to make a good bulk of these dishes with ground turkey. I might even split it in half. Last night he wanted me to try something in the magazine.

Cobre Vally Casserole

It’s basically ground beef, diced onions, scallions, taco mix, 1/4 cup of water, refried black beans. Cook it all together, put in a baking pan, put in the oven for 30-minutes. Sprinkle a cup of Mexican shredded cheese and crunched up tostido chips. Voila.

I ended up baking for 25-minutes and for the last 5 minutes, I added the cheese and chips. And then when I took it out, I added more cheese on top.

Final Result: Pedro gave this dish an “F”. He said there wasn’t much taste. I think it’s because he’s had one too many burritos.

Running News: In case you didn’t get the Memo (because I didn’t even get the Memo myself), I did NOT get into the NYC Half Marathon. Big Whoop. I’m not sad. I’m just $100+ richer. So what’s next? The VT Marathon. But I am going to squeeze in a Half somewhere in between.

Also, NYC Marathon is now open for lottery. I am DEFINITELY in this year. Sad news, though, I was planning on deferring if I happened to be pregnant, but, I just read all these new “guidelines” that they have and one of them is you can no longer defer. What does this mean for me? Well, it basically means that I have no choice but to run this; pregnant or not pregnant. Fun stuff. Oh yeah, and the race is now $260. Sheesh. Highway robbery.

It’s a new year. What’s on your race schedule?


5 thoughts on “Where’s the Beeeeef???

  1. I like to try new recipes too. I found a magazine with Weight Watchers meals with 5 ingredients or less. I have to try some of those and I will share if they are any good. 🙂

    Too bad Pedro didn’t like the dish you made. Did you try it? What did you think?

    Sorry about the half but I am sure you will find other races to run. I am about to call our local running group to find out about races I can run with Cayden. 🙂

    • I am so big on finding recipes that use all the ingredients I already have in my cabinets. Mainly because some of the things they call for I’m like, “WTF is this?!?” HAHAH. I know, amateur.

      I didn’t end up trying the dish. After I finished cooking, I had to feed Lili and put her down. Not happy about that — Let me know what recipes you try and like and vice versa. If I find something I really like, I’ll scan is w/ the picture & ingredients!!!

      I’ve been meaning to ask you, have you and the girls at Cayden’s school started your run group or are you waiting for nicer weather???

    • How much is Boston? My OB/GYN had to back out the day of because she had an injury. She flew out and everything b/c the entire race cost her $1,000 between registration + flight + hotel. EEK. She ran a mile the day before and knew she couldn’t run it. When I came in for my weekly appt. she had a boot on her foot. She was better a few later. ;o)

  2. No, we haven’t started the running group yet. I think we might start next month if it looks like the weather will be ok. I’m excited!

    I will let you know if any of the recipes are good and I will send them along if they are. I won’t try any this week since I need to go to the store but hopefully this weekend!

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