Ringing in the New Year: 2012

9:00 AM: 5-Mile Run – COMPLETED

2011 was an AMAZING year and it’s now time to close that door and open a new door of wonderful and exciting opportunities & surprises. I’m looking forward to what’s in store for next year, but at the same time, a good amount of these new wonderful opportunities and surprises weigh on the choices that I make. I really need to make moves in order to get what I want. Hence, a list is always a good way to start so I know what my plan of action is. So here’s my list and not in any particular order.

1. SAVE MONEY: It’s always on my list. But here’s my plan of action. Every paycheck, I’ll take out $150 for two weeks. The half of the paycheck will get divided both into Lili’s account and our personal savings account, and the other half will go to bills for that cycle. Whatever I don’t spend (that $150) will go into our piggy bank. We also can’t order in often! In a previous post, I discussed how we are refinancing our house. Hopefully this will save us A LOT of extra money during the month. Whatever money we would be saving we should put into our savings account. The main goal here is to buy a new house. Preferably the house I want to live in for a long time.

2. Find a job I love. I am in the process of this right now. I have been working as a Paralegal for the last 7-years and while I work for a firm that I love, it’s not really a job I love. Does that make any sense? Basically, I can’t imagine myself doing this for the next 30-40 years (whenever retirement kicks in OR if I win the lottery). So my goal is to find a job I absolutely love and want to do for the rest of my life before the end of next year. I can do this!!!! I am motivated.

3. Run more Races and PR. I am so sad that I haven’t had a PR in years. I mean, YEARS. After a great running resume in 2008, I was lined up with injury after injury. Then last year, I was pregnant and most of this year. So I’d like to get some strong races in before baby #2.

4. Extend our Family. Well, as a part of #3, we do want one more stinker. So maybe towards the end of next year, we can start on #2?

I think that’s about it. I’m glad I got this out before the clock strikes midnight. I’m not even sure I’ll be able to stay up to watch the ball drop. At least I’m watching some of my favorite Twilight Zone episodes. I know, we’re pretty boring. Every year we stay in and watch TZM. I prefer to keep things low-key. I hate big crowds. I just want to be home with my family.

Are you big on NYE? Any big plans?


2 thoughts on “Ringing in the New Year: 2012

  1. We stayed home on New Year’s Eve too. Cayden woke up about 11:30 so we were all awake to watch the ball drop. 🙂 Not so sure about Lady Gaga’s performance, though. Interesting. LOL

    I can’t believe it is already 2012! Like you, I have many goals for the year. I hope you are able to achieve all of yours! I am sure you will…you are determined! We do something similar for saving money…I have money automatically transferred to savings and to Cayden’s account every paycheck. It really helps. We also deposit any extra from anything into those accounts so we save without really thinking about it too much.

    I understand working with people you enjoy but not enjoying the work. I’ve been there and it is worth it to make a change. I enjoy my job now but the problem is I love Cayden a lot more and would love to stay home with him. If we could make it work, I would definitely be a stay at home mom. We shall see what happens.

    Happy New Year!!!


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