Half Birthdays

Today is my bumblebee’s half-birthday. Six months today. Just like that.

Look at me! I'm 6-months today!

More later. I’m in the middle of giving myself a manicure + catching up on Revenge. (And yes, I’m at work doing all of this!).


One thought on “Half Birthdays

  1. LOL I can’t believe you can get all of that done at work. Too funny.

    Happy half-birthday, Lili! I thought of her this morning and intended to text…but the day just got away from me. I just now got a chance to catch up with everything. Lili is just so adorable! One of the pics you recently posted on facebook reminds me of Scarlett a little. Lili is growing up so fast! Why oh why do they do that to us??? LOL

    Take care, enjoy your day, and I will check in here and there. Less than 3 hours and I have a whole week off! I’m so excited. I will talk to you by text for sure but I will try to check in on your blog and on LS. Did you have any luck finding gifts for Pedro? I hope so!

    Kisses to Lili! XOXO

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