Holiday Parties Galore

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I can’t believe less than a week and it’s Christmas. Also, Lili turns 6-months on Thursday. Holy crap. I’m happy that 95% of the Christmas shopping is out of the way. I just have a few things I need to pick up, but lucky me, my boss is out of town and I’m going to have plenty of downtime to run out at lunch and finish things up. Sweet. One things for sure, I’d like to get a few outdoor runs this week (probably tomorrow and Thursday), so I’ll have to plan my shopping accordingly. Also, I have to make sure our house is cleaned because we’re having some family over next Monday. I’m not sure how hard that will be since we’ll be in and out of the house for the holidays. Lovely.

Speaking of holidays, this weekend was filled with holiday parties. On Friday night, we had our holiday dinner with the girls. My girlfriend, Phuong, hosted at her place and it was a lot of fun. Rachel & I didn’t arrive till close to 8.

The food was delicious and the conversations were endless.

The hostess with the mostest & I.

KJ & I.

The beautiful tree with Hello Kitty ornaments.

It was so much fun. A glass and a half of wine later, I realized it was almost 11PM. I had an early morning 10-mile run with running group and I had to get home if I wanted to have any type of energy. Rachel & I split at about 11:05 and I was home by 11:30. I stayed up to talk to P for a bit before hitting the sheets.

Holiday Party numero dos was on Saturday with my part-time job office. I was excited to see some of the girls. It was at a small intimate Italian restaurant. We ate, drank and talked. Then, it was time for the Christmas presents. I love getting gifts from my boss. She always puts so much thought into our gifts. I came home with lots of new goodies.

Our annual Christmas socks and this year, a set for Lili.

Date-Night pad.

She loved her gifts from us this year; a Moroccan cooking set, spices, coffee, etc.

It was a wonderful weekend full of holiday parties. Do you go to your holiday parties at work? We don’t do one at the full-time office. My big boss always goes away the week of Christmas. They used to do one before I was there, but we never really complained about not having one. Jacquie (co-worker and good friend) and I usually have dinner together with our husbands and we consider that a holiday party.

I was definitely looking forward to yesterday being a L-A-Z-Y day. We played, she took naps, and we ate… The perfect end to the perfect weekend (except for both the Giants & Jets losing).


4 thoughts on “Holiday Parties Galore

  1. This year I seemed to have an influx of holiday parties from work, social groups, friends and attending others’ Christmas parties as a plus-one. It was exhausting! There’s some nights I just appreciate having a quiet night at home or not being so tempted by all the rich holiday food. Your parties sounded like a lot of fun and each were so different!

    • I hear you on the “rich” foods. Fortunately, I rationed out my food. I ate some apps, half my entree and then when dessert came, I ate half and packed it up to go. I was actually FULL for a change and couldn’t finish my tiramisu; that’s so not like me. I gave the other half to my mom and she cleaned off her plate. At least it didn’t go to waste.

      I’m such a homebody, I do NOT mind being at home all the time.

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful time at both parties! What great gifts too. The Christmas socks are adorable. 🙂

    Lili is so cute with her drum. She is growing fast!

    Sorry about your Jets and Giants…our Cowboys won! LOL We’ll see what happens the next two weeks, though.

    We had Justin’s Christmas party and now we have mine on Wednesday, assuming the weather holds out. We had our ladies’ lunch at work on Thursday and it was fun with yummy Mexican food. I know I mentioned it last week. 🙂 We have missed a few of the other ones just because of conflicts…too much going on this year!


    • I can’t believe you guys may have a blizzard. I wouldn’t mind a White Christmas. Just as long as I don’t have to work the next day. HA. I bet you are excited to have a few days off from work for the holidays. Who knows, you mist get some extra days off, too, if the weather turns out for the worse.

      I was so surprised that the Cowboys were playing on Saturday. I got confused on days. I know football’s on Sunday, Monday and Thursday. Oh man, Pedro was so mad. He was in a pool to win $3,000 and now, he’s OUT. He was so close to winning. Oh well. Bummer. He’s already losing in his other leagues.

      Our babies are growing up too fast. Wish we could push the Pause button.

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