Post-Pregnancy Abs

5:45 AM: Bob Harper’s Pure Burn Super Strength – COMPLETED

I was able to squeeze in a run during lunch yesterday and I overestimated the weather. I was overdressed for this run. First, there was a chance of rain, so I wore a hat. I’m not big on wearing hats during a run, but mainly because I have sensitive skin, so right by my hairline, I start getting all itchy. Then, I wore gloves. It was so not necessary. I also wore long sleeves, which I probably would have been better off wearing a zip-up with a tank underneath. Yes, that’s how warm it felt. I can’t complain though. I had a great run in perfect weather.

I used the same route as last week’s lunch time run. The only change I made was taking a detour through the park. It’s a small park and I’ve never ran through it, so I thought, why the heck not.

As lovely as it was, I probably should have stuck to my route because I came out short at the end of my run. I wanted to do close to 4.5-5 miles and it came out to 4.10. But, a run is a run, so I will not complain.

So, I’m really digging my Bob Harper workouts. Today I tried out the last workout I purchased and I have to say, it’s intense, in a good way. I had to stop a few times during T-planks. I am feeling tight and sore in places I didn’t think I could feel sore. I’m sure I’m feeling a lot of this soreness because it’s my first week trying them out, but seriously, I give his workouts an A+. If you don’t belong to a gym and like working out in the comfort of your own, I highly recommend his workouts! All you need are weights and a mat.

I’m close to entering 6-months post-pregnancy. Can you believe it? Can you believe that Lili is almost 6-months old?!? I mean, really, where does the time go? I feel like the entire pregnancy was a dream. A good dream at that.

I have been terrible at posting my post-pregnancy updates. Well, first of all, Pedro took my stand away. I use to use the stereo speaker to put my camera so I can self-time pictures. He decided his man-cave needed surround sound. Hence, no more easy access to taking self-portraits. I need to invest in a stand.

If you remember, here’s what I looked like 2-weeks post-pregnancy:

Then 1-month post-pregnancy.

Then 10-weeks post-pregnancy (almost 3-months later).

Then I stopped taking updates because I didn’t have my stand. I attempted to take them today with my phone. Not sure how clear they look, but here’s what I got.

After looking at these pictures, the quality is very poor. But it’s all I got. It’s still a work in progress. I mean, I can’t expect miracles here. My body was stretched out with a baby. It takes a lot of hard work, motivation, determination. Fortunately, I’m motivated when it comes to working out. However, when it comes to food, a lot of times I can’t resist my sweets and pizza and french fries. HA! I do try to watch what I eat and limit my sweets and junk intake, but sometimes, it’s hard to resist.

Do you watch what you eat? Do you budget your calories? I am big on watching what I eat. I try to eat more during the day and less at night. I also try to have a good, strong workout before events (i.e holiday parties, Thanksgiving, birthday parties, etc.).

11 thoughts on “Post-Pregnancy Abs

  1. OMG! You are the bomb! I’m still stuck at your 10 weeks post pregnancy belly! this is awesome! I was just wondering if having abs again was just a dream but you have proven that wrong. Keep it up! Yes – I watch what I eat as it goes into my mouth. BUT I want to do better this time – for real! I definitely do not budget calories – I hate counting calories … I know what I should/ should not eat and portions are everything. But I am open for advice 🙂

    • Thanks. Well, let’s just hope when I have baby #2 I’ll have as much motivation/dedication with working out. Sometimes, it’s a struggle to get a workout in, but you just have to make it happen. I think I lost some of the weight, though, because I never had a chance to finish eating any of my meals. I try to eat slow so that I can get full fast & so I can enjoy my meal. These days, I either have to scarf down my meal or eat half (if that) of it so that I can take care of Lili.

      I do budget my calories, BUT I don’t let it rule my life. That’s the scale’s job. Only (half) kidding. AND, sometimes, I eat a lot of crap. However, most of the time, I try to eat healthy. I avoid fad dieting at all costs. I won’t lie to you, I use to try all of what’s out there. The Rotation Diet, Zone Diet, South Beach Diet, etc., etc., etc. So not worth it. You get yourself all loca and set yourself up for disappointment. I think everything in moderation is A-okay, just as long as you’re exercising.

      I’m sure with two boys running around, you can get that tummy tight in no time. I’m a little nervous for when Lili starts running around. She’s already a little rollie-pollie.

  2. seriously?! you look AMAZING!!!!!

    life is too short to watch what you eat! i follow “everything in moderation”. i eat good most of the time so i can eat bad too….and run. a lot 🙂

  3. You look FANTASTIC! Seriously, look at how far you have come from 2 weeks post to now! Your tummy looks postively amazing! You are doing exactly what you need to do and you have the amazing abs to show for it! Way to go!!!

    Bob is incredible…as you know, I credit him entirely for whipping me back into shape after having Cayden. 🙂 Can’t wait for my Totally Ripped Core!

    You know I am a moderation girl–I am careful about what I eat and work out whenever I can (which means at least 5-6 times a week) but I am going to eat my sweets and Mexican food when I want to. You just have to budget it in, right?

    Again, you look incredible and I am really proud! Way to go fit mommy!

    • Thanks Allie, but I am still waiting to see slimmer thighs. You say Bob helped you slim yours out. Well, that’s definitely what I’m waiting for. I won’t give up easily. Hopefully in a month and change I’ll start noticing the changes. I do feel like my arms are getting toner.

      I hope you get the Totally Ripped Core workout in the mail today. I think you will. I sent it on Friday. Let me know what you think of it. I did it yesterday morning and I thought to myself, ‘Oh, man, Allie might think this is an easy workout!’ LOL

  4. You will, don’t worry. Mine slimmed down so fast when I started doing Bob’s work outs. I was shocked! And I don’t think Bob does an easy work out…. 🙂

  5. OMG! you’re ABmazzzinnng! LOL so corny I know but it’s necessary LOL..your abs look great! You put me to shame, I don’t have a baby & my abs don’t look like that! I need those for my honeymoon! LOL you gotta tell me how you got those! I want I want I wantttt! LOL

    • You are too sweet, Keyri. I am waiting for you to log into Livestrong. LOL I’ll tell you secrets there, though there really isn’t much secrets. One good thing is I didn’t have to stop eating crappy foods, i.e. chicken fingers, french fries, pizza…

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