Blessings All Around

6:00 AM: Bob Harper’s Total Body Transformation – COMPLETED

Bob Harper is hardcore, in a good way. My arms and legs are still feeling a little shaky. He really does a body good. I definitely like his workouts better than Tony Horton’s P90X. I don’t know, but Tony just irks me. His voice, his mantra, his hair. There was a point where I had to mute him just to get through my workout. So far, I’m digging Harper and I don’t think, or so I hope I don’t get sick of him. Only time will tell.

Anyhow, I got to see one of my close friends from high school last night. She stopped by the house and we chit-chatted for a good hour and change. It was so nice to see her and Lili was in such a pleasant mood, she was cheesing and giggling.

Meet Krista. My very pregnant girlfriend (who, might I add is all belly) of 17-years. We were friends since the end of 8th grade. We would take the bus to the mall, occasionally cut class together (don’t worry, my parents actually knew when I wasn’t going to school), have parties at my house (yeah, I’m pretty sure my parents knew about our famous parties), etc. There were times when we only saw each other once a year, but that once a year felt like we were never out of touch.

She’s expecting a baby girl in just 5-weeks! Incredible how time flies. I remember I had 5-weeks left when she told me she was 6-weeks pregnant. And now, here we are, a new girlfriend for Lili to play with when they get older. Here’s a fun fact. Lili and Baby J will be 6-months apart, just like Krista and I.

Do you have any pregnant girlfriends? We were talking about it last night and the topic came up with how we both know a lot of girls that are pregnant or just had babies. Is it a baby boom year or is it just that all our friends are having babies now?


3 thoughts on “Blessings All Around

  1. if you never mentioned she was pregnant i would have never known it!!!!! she looks amazing!

    i always have a bunch of preggo friends. they scare me with all their stories 🙂

  2. I am so happy you like Bob! I agree he is much more personable than Tony. I tried to do a P90X DVD the other day and got so annoyed that I switched. I do a lot of Bob’s DVDs and I’m not tired of him yet. In fact, I am getting better results with Bob than I did with P90X. I had preordered P90X2 and I sent it back. LOL Saved me money too!

    Your friend looks teeny-tiny! All she has is a little belly! Wow! Congrats to her and her soon-to-be here baby girl. That’s really exiting! I know her baby and Lili will have so much fun together. We have a friend who has a boy 6 months older than Cayden and they have a lot of fun together. We took them to the park not long ago and they had a blast.

    I know a ton of women who just had babies…not as many that are pregnant right now. But, in the year or two around me being pregnant and having Cayden, it was like everyone I knew was pregnant. LOL We are at a lull for now…until everyone decides to have another. 🙂

    Enjoy your day and great pic of Lili and Krista. XOXO

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