Diagnosis: Bronchiolitis

6:00 AM: Insanity Pure Cardio – COMPLETED

Yesterday afternoon was a bit of a rush for me. My dad text me telling me that my mom felt I should bring Lili to the doctor’s office. Her cough sounded like rails (or wheezing), so I jumped on the phone with her Pediatrician and they were able to squeeze me at 4. Unfortunately, my parents live in the opposite direction (I work closer to her Pediatrician’s office), so I had to go all the way across town and back to the other side. Fortunately, I made the appointment at 2:47, so things worked out perfect.

Lili and I got to the Pediatrician’s office 20 to 4 and they took us in right away. I told them her symptoms and mentioned that she hadn’t had a fever since she got sick (which was about 10-days ago). I also mentioned that we’ve been using her humidifier, boiling hot water and putting a towel over her, giving her saline and using the bulb. The Pediatrician was very impressed and said that we were doing everything that she would recommend the first week. Lili was such a good girl. She kept smiling at the doctor. We weighed Lili and she’s at 16 lbs., 11 oz.

The doctor listened to her chest and sure enough, there was a little bit of wheezing. So she suggested that they did some breathing treatments, a/k/a nebulizer. They gave her half of a vial of Albuterol. She said that they would prescribe a machine and Albuterol for her treatment. No cough medicine or anything. It’s nothing to be concerned about and it’s a very mild case and normal. I felt better.

Fortunately Pedro has awesome insurance and we got the machine for no cost. Lili and I headed over to the Pharmacy during rush house. She was a mess. Crying throughout the car ride there.

I was not happy with this pharmacy. I waited 45-minutes just to get her prescription when they told me it would take 20. I had a hungry, fussy and not to mention, sick baby with me. At least we got home at the same time as Papa. We were able to change her, feed her, play with her, I cooked dinner and then we gave her a treatment before putting her down. Already, I feel like she’s coughing less. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still some congestion there, but definitely improving.

My schedule this morning was a bit off.

3:00 AM: Lili woke up crying. Checked on her and she fell right back to sleep. I, too, went back to sleep.

4:55 AM: Lili woke up. I changed her diaper and fed her.

5:20 AM: She pooped. Washed her bum in the sink.

5:30 AM: Gave her breathing treatment.

By the way, Lili does amazing during her breathing treatments. They said that I could schedule a follow-up visit tomorrow, which I think we might keep pending on weather. If it’s too cold out, I really prefer not to take her out. Guess we will just wait and see how treatments go and how she’s feeling.

5:55 AM: Put her down for a nap.

6:00 AM: Worked out with Shaun T.

6:35 AM: Lili woke up. Paused workout. Took her out of her crib and put her in exersaucer so she could play while I finished my workout.

6:45 AM: Finish last few minutes of workout. Play with Lili for a bit. Transfer her from exersaucer to rocker/sleeper.

7:10 AM: Put dishes away, got Lili’s things together, separated laundry.

7:21 AM: Fed Lili and begged her to watch Elmo while I got in the shower.

7:40 AM: Shower, change & get Lili ready to go.

8:10 AM: Explain everything to my mom (which really she doesn’t need much explaining since she’s a NICU nurse), packed some breakfast and headed out for work.

8:50 AM: WORK.

Before baby, I used to have my day planned out. Now, it’s on Lili-Time. I don’t mind it one bit. It’s definitely hard to have to stop in the middle of workouts to pick her up, but I can never be mad or angry at the cute little face. However, once marathon training kicks in, DH is going to have to step up his game.

If you’re a mom, did you find it hard adjusting to your new schedule?


3 thoughts on “Diagnosis: Bronchiolitis

  1. aawwww… once again your mom was right! she’s on point! I forgot about those breathing treatments… my boys hated it so I’m glad she’s taking it in stride. Yes, it wasn’t just adjusting to a new schedule – it was adjusting to a new LIFE! Looking back, the infancy was the easier part because they take so many naps and don’t move around as much – it’s easier to take them places (although you have a lot of baggage) – so enjoy this part. When is the marathon?

    • I take it your boys have had to get the breathing treatments done before? I don’t ever remember having them done when I was a baby — then again, medicine is different these days AND really, how am I supposed to know what treatments I had when I was 5 months old? HA. BTW, your boys are adorable.

      I’m scheduled for a Spring and Fall marathon. I have the VT Key Bank on MDW and NYC in November. I was “rejected” 3x for NYC so you’re guaranteed the 4th year. Now, here’s the thing. If I am pregnant, then I may have to defer, but my OB/GYN says if I’m 4-months then I can run it. So I guess we’ll just see where I am at that point. Are you running any upcoming races?

  2. So glad Lili is getting better! Cayden actually likes his breathing treatments so I am happy Lili does well with them too. Makes it easier, that’s for sure.

    You did have kind of a crazy morning…sounds a lot like mine, actually. And yes, our lives are definitely on our baby’s time, no doubt about it. Adjusting has been interesting and sometimes hard but ALWAYS worth it.

    Ok, my judge just walked in needing something so I have to get going. Take care, XOXO and kisses to Lili!

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