Family Love

6:45 AM: 3-Mile Run – COMPLETED

Last night, Lili & I had dinner with my siblings. I picked up the dinner and we all met at my sister’s place. My sister took a few snapshots of Lili before we decided to dig into dinner. Dinner, as usual, was delicious. Post-dinner, we were supposed to go place an order for balloons, but it was dark, rainy and just altogether gross outside. So instead, we stayed in and hung out. It was pretty fun. Scarlett was having a blast just messing around.

Auntie Mimi with Scarlett-pooh.

Yes, Scarlett hand-picked this pose.

Scarlett being really silly.

Lili slept through all the ruckus.

After fooling around (which was pretty much the entire evening), Kris and I finished the place cards for the party. The venue doesn’t provide the table cards, which I find a little odd. So happy that’s at least crossed off the list.

So, the crazy list from earlier this week is slowly getting crossed off.


Put party favors together;
-Centerpieces (I need to buy vases, stones, floating candles & flowers – the put them together);
-Place order for balloons;
Pick up pink & white tights and underclothes for Lili’s Baptismal outfit
Write a speech;
-Pick up Lili’s Baptismal gown;
-Make a list for family on who needs to do what; (decorate the hall, pick up balloons, etc.).
Finish table cards & seating arrangements;
-Drop off final payment at hall.

I just hope I get out of work early.

On another note, I figured out which dress I’m going to wear. Don’t mind the hair, the zero make-up and the cheesy smile. I was laughing at Pedro when he took it and God forbid I ask him to take it again, he’d roll his eyes.

If I have time I’ll do soft curls/waves. It just depends on how much time I have to work with. I just remembered, I still need to pick up Lili’s Baptismal gown at my MIL’s. I’m excited for her Baptism, but at the same time, I can’t wait to not feel stressed about it.

Any big plans this weekend? Well, wish me luck and pray that I get everything done.


One thought on “Family Love

  1. Wow! You look amazing in that dress! Perfect choice! And the shoes look awesome with it. 🙂

    It looks like you all had a ton of fun last night. Scarlett is so funny. What a personality she has. She will have a blast with Lili and they both grow up. I can’t believe Lili slept through it all. Adorable pic of her sleeping face. Oh, I can’t wait to meet you all in person and get to see these little ones up close! They are just so precious!

    You are really getting that list taken care of. I knew you would…we always do, don’t we? I know what you mean about being excited about her Baptism but also ready for the stress of it to be over. I felt that way about Cayden’s Baptism and birthday party, even though both were so much fun and made for fantastic memories. It is still stressful, even if it is for a good thing.

    Ok, I hope you get out of work early so you have extra time to get things done. I would be happy to do the same but I doubt it will happen. Oh well. I am excited it’s Friday! Our housekeeper is coming today because of some crazy scheduling issues. Fine with me because my house will be clean for the weekend and I can focus on getting some other things done and not worry about the regular cleaning.

    Enjoy your weekend, and we will be thinking of you guys on Sunday! We will be there in spirit and so excited for Lili’s special day! Can’t wait to see all the pics…I know it will be perfect!

    Kisses to Lili! XOXO

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