Writing things Down & Checking them Off

6:45 AM: 3-Mile Run + Calisthenics – COMPLETED

Yesterday I wrote my “to-do” list for the upcoming Baptism this Sunday. I can cross off another thing:


Put party favors together;
-Centerpieces (I need to buy vases, stones, floating candles & flowers – the put them together);
-Place order for balloons;
Pick up pink & white tights and underclothes for Lili’s Baptismal outfit
-Write a speech;
-Pick up Lili’s Baptismal gown;
-Make a list for family on who needs to do what; (decorate the hall, pick up balloons, etc.).
-Finish table cards & seating arrangements;
-Drop off final payment at hall.

I came home from work feeling defeated, and even Pedro tried to convince me that it would be just fine if I didn’t work on the party favors last night, but I was determined.

Pedro helped me turn the coffee table into my own little work station.

Done & Done! So glad that I got that out of the way. And as a treat to finishing them, I bought these babies.

Okay, I lie. I bought these yesterday before I finished the favors. I know they look bigger in picture, but they’re really only a size 6. I think they’ll go perfect with the navy blue dress I’m wearing, though I haven’t tried them on together yet.

Alright, I must really get some work done. I took a mental day yesterday and now I’m sure someone will ask for a file that isn’t done.

Is it Friday yet?


3 thoughts on “Writing things Down & Checking them Off

  1. The favors look lovely! You did a wonderful job on them. So happy that you have one more thing crossed off of your list. I know that you feel a little better having those out of the way.

    Super-cute shoes! Can’t wait to see how they look with your dress. I know you will look amazing! You always do. I am so excited to see the pictures of all of you on Sunday. I am sad that we can’t be there. We will be there in spirit, though!

    Take care, have a great day, and I hope you have a productive day at work. It is hard some days. Justin and I decided that today, we just want to get Cayden, go to Starbucks, and go stroll around the mall and then go home to relax and enjoy the snow. Unfortunately, we are stuck at work. Too bad.


  2. Oh, I thought you were going to say you both called in sick. Now that would be such a nice treat. It’s very seldom that I call out. In fact, it’s pretty much never. Jacquie and I are the only two here in the office, so we usually “plan” when we are going to be out so that we can let each other know that there will only be one of us in the office. It’s good to work with someone that is just as reliable as the next person. We both would feel bad if we were calling out just to call out. Even if we’re sick, we’ll come in first and then we get sent home sick.

    I can’t wait to cross off a few more things by the end of this day!!!! Seriously though, I feel like the to-do list is never ending. Is that what happens after having a baby/kids?

    I wish the family could make it out for her Baptism. I was going to send you an invitation. LOL In fact, my girlfriend Rachel was asking when you coming out here to visit. She said, “Is Allie coming out soon?” I told her in November and that we’d all have to take the family out in the city!!! So exciting!!!

    I would send you a picture via text on Sunday but I know you’re having issues w/ your phone! Hurry up and get the iPhone. ;o)

  3. I know, I know. I need to get an iPhone. I am working on it. 🙂

    And yes, I am pretty sure that the never-ending to-do list comes with having a family. I know mine never, ever, ever ends even though I seem to cross things off all the time. Oh well. It’s worth it to take care of our families, right?

    We will have so much fun next Fall! Can’t wait to see you all and explore! 🙂

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