Organizing & Decluttering

10.23.11: Kenpo X – COMPLETED

10.22.11: 1-Mile Run – COMPLETED

This entry has been sitting in queue for quite some time and first was supposed to make its debut on Saturday. Well, then I pushed it to yesterday, but yeah, something is up with the WordPress app on my iPad, hence, no entries this weekend. I’ll have today’s entry up and running in a few (well, hoping that Lili doesn’t wake up for the next feeding, which may be any minute now).

On my days off last week, I decided to tackle a house project that had been on my mind for months. Every closet in the house is a D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R. I wish I took more before pictures, but I didn’t. Here’s the only before picture I had taken.

Here’s the story: My closet used to be in my workout room until we converted that room into the man-cave. When we moved things around, we never transferred my closet into his. I don’t know why I never had the Master bedroom closet. It’s much bigger than the other bedroom’s closets. Actually, I lie. I remember why we never transferred the clothes over from room to another; I was 9-months pregnant and could only handle small projects at a time.

A few after pictures.

And a shoe rack for the final touches. I really wish I had a before picture of how my shoes looked before.

I wish I took a “before” picture of Lili’s closet. Unfortunately, Pedro was moving things out that he was storing in there while I was finishing up my closet. So all I have are the “after” shots.

I also finished up the linen closet, the dressers for both our bedroom and Lili’s and Pedro’s closet. We had FIVE big bags of clothes to donate to Good Will.

Pedro was using these metal pieces as his shoe rack and he decided he hated them. So I broke them down and made it into a small bookshelf to put it near my working station. This is where I blog, Facebook, email, Livestrong, etc. It’s nothing special — but I was glad to have a place to put all my running magazines/books in. I do need to go through a bunch of papers sometime this weekend and weed things out.

I still need to go through the kitchen pantry, cabinets, filing cabinet and living room closet. It’s a work-in-progress. But, I’m determined to keep things neat and in order. Seriously, I flipped out on Pedro the other day over the linen closet. He took a towel from the middle rather than from the top. WHO DOES THAT?!? I’m becoming the man from Sleeping With the Enemy.

Are your closets a mess? I know some people that keep their houses so clean on the outside, but hide everything in closets among other areas. I don’t ever want to have a messy closet again!


4 thoughts on “Organizing & Decluttering

  1. So glad you got your closets cleaned out. Doesn’t it feel great? I go through and clean ours out periodically but that’s because I’m crazy and OCD and can’t stand clutter. LOL In fact, Cayden’s closet is bothering me right now because we have some things in there that don’t belong. I’m going to fix that tonight before it drives me insane. I am also going through my clothes and getting rid of the ones I just don’t wear. They are nice and everything, but I don’t wear them so why keep them? I am being so much more selective about what I buy now so that I am not just giving it away in a few months. Justin is going through his clothes too because he has so many he doesn’t wear and they need to get OUT of the closet.

    I am impressed with how much you got cleaned out while you were off. That is just awesome, especially since you had Lili home with you. You are one productive mommy!

    Too funny about Pedro and the towel. You sound like me! I am always griping about stuff like that. Luckily, Justin knows I am nuts and just does things the way I want them done. Well, mostly. LOL

    Great job on the organizing and cleaning and good luck on your other projects! The kitchen is a work in progress for me too…it is getting there, though.


  2. your sleeping with the enemy reference cracked me up. everytime i straighten my towel hanging on the rack, i think of that movie!

    i hate cluttered closets! i have my own to-do list and plan to hit all the closets in my house.

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