One Year Ago

6:30 AM: 3-Mile Run – COMPLETED

7:00 AM: The Tracey Anderson Post-Pregnancy Method – COMPLETED

I’m feeling pretty sore on the lower part of my body. I’m guessing it’s from the kettlebell workout on Monday. It was a good workout altogether. I had a rough night of sleep though; not because of Lili. In fact, Lili slept 9-hours straight. I gave her last feeding at 8:22 and put her down in her crib at 8:45. Initially I heard her crying at 4. I used the bathroom, went into the nursery and she went back to sleep. So I sat in the rocker and didn’t even realize I fell asleep for 45-minutes. I got up and went back to bed and Lili woke up at 5:45. Wow, 9-hours straight. I really hope this is going to be the new routine.

In other news, today is a very special day. One year ago today, Pedro and I learned that our lives were going to be changed for the better. He gave me the best gift I could ever ask for, ever.

(This is the FIRST pregnancy test. I really thought Aunt Flo was on her way, but decided to just take one at work. I sent this to Pedro via text). We found out WE were having a BABY. It’s unreal that it was a year ago. I remember standing in the bathroom stall saying, “Please be positive. Please be positive.” When I saw the faint line, my heart stopped for a second and I wanted to cry, but I was also not sure if it was positive. I ran back into the office, said to my best friend (who happens to be my co-worker, too), “Okay, I know this might be gross, but look at this… is it positive???” And we screeched and hugged and I called Pedro immediately. He never looked at his phone so he didn’t get the picture message, so I just told him, “I’m pregnant!” He was shocked. Just one try and he knocked me up. Now, that’s some super sperm. HA.

It’s crazy how time flies. A year ago, I was pregnant and now, our little girl is talking up a storm, smiling, cooing, and just so much fun to be around. I can’t wait to have more babies. Okay, just one more. We feel that Lili needs a sibling and two is perfect.

If you want or have babies, how many would you want?
My sister has one and only wants one. I know they can be a handful (and her and her husband would make another gorgeous baby), but sometimes one is just enough.


7 thoughts on “One Year Ago

  1. This post brought tears to my eyes! I can’t believe it has been a year ago! I remember you told me shortly after I had Cayden and I was so excited for you. Now, you have this amazingly beautiful baby girl! This is just such a touching post. 🙂 I took a digital test because I didn’t trust the tests with the lines…I figured I wouldn’t believe it if was positive! LOL The digital ones are pretty simple–it says pregnant or not pregnant. Ha!

    As you know, we love, love, love having Cayden and I would love to have another one. I am not, however, eager to go through another hard pregnancy. I don’t want to have to be terrified for 40 weeks, deal with bleeding, placenta previa, pre-term contractions or bed rest. That said, I might get lucky and have a super-easy pregnancy next time around. It does seem weird to not think about taking another pregnancy test and getting all excited, having sonograms where we get to see our growing baby, and going through the amazing experience of bringing our child into the world. I love being a mom and would happily do it again if I could just skip the hard pregnancy part. I loved feeling Cayden move and I loved knowing I was nourishing our sweet baby. I agree that two is a great number…your kids have each other but two is still manageable for mom and dad. I don’t know how people keep track of 4, 5 or 6 (or more) kids. Those parents must have abilities I do not possess. LOL

    Enjoy your day and enjoy your Lili, as I know you do. I can’t believe she is sleeping 9 hours straight. Again, Cayden has NEVER done that, and probably never will. 🙂 XOXO

    • I remember finding out and eager to tell you that I was pregnant, but it was when you were so incredibly busy with your newborn (now 1-year old) baby boy. Also, I remember being so nervous at the time — I hadn’t confirmed it with my OB/GYN yet and they wouldn’t see me for another two weeks just for blood work. I wouldn’t hear a heartbeat or see my little bun until I was 10-weeks. I was the most nervous pregnant person I know. I just wanted everything to be perfect. However, for someone that was so incredibly nervous about her pregnancy, it did not stop me from running. LOL I remember after the blood work was when I immediately had morning sickness. I’m not sure if it was psychologically or what, but yeah, I remember not caring if I had to puke or had that sick feeling. It just reminded me that the baby was healthy. HA.

      I hear you on having to go through a whole 9-months of pregnancy again. It’s crazy though. It goes by so fast. One minute you’re pregnant, the next, you’re delivering. Then you’re back to work again… (ugh!). Perhaps when you come out to visit next Fall, we’ll both be with buns in the oven. (wink, wink!).

  2. It is so funny that you say how nervous you were because you didn’t seem to be unusually nervous. I mean, you seemed concerned and worried, just like any pregnant woman, but nothing that seemed over the top. (Then again–I was a nervous wreck so I don’t think I am a good gauge). And, you did keep running! As it turns out, that was a great thing for both of you. 🙂 I truly hope your next pregnancy is as perfect as it was with Lili. I hope mine is more like yours was too! I really want to be able to remain active next time around.

    I actually had morning sickness starting just after 6 weeks. I knew I was pregnant but we hadn’t had a sonogram yet. We had one at just over 7 weeks. My doctor does one early one just to see how things are, to date the pregnancy, and check for a heartbeat. I really didn’t mind being sick either because it meant our baby was healthy. Same thing you thought! 🙂

    Really, the time spent pregnant really did go by fast. It does not seem possible that it was February 6, 2010 that I found out we were pregnant with Cayden. Crazy how time just flies by and you are right–another pregnancy would fly by too. I am just worried about being put on bedrest with Cayden here now. That seems really unfair to him. But, I would be able to be home with him the whole time because my MIL already told me she would come out and help me with him and the house. So, it would be doable. And, if we do, the timing would be about right to be pregnant next fall. Hmmm….we might have an even more fun visit with Lili and Cayden and babies on the way!!! My sister just told me not to get pregnant before her wedding in April so that I will fit in my maid of honor dress. Ha! She cracks me up. She and her fiance are really eager to start a family but they are being smart and finishing school first. They are both so close to getting their degrees that it makes no sense not to just do it. Plus, her fiance has an awesome job with a bank waiting for him when he graduates.

    Ok, that was a complete tangent. LOL I get distracted easily, it seems. Anyway, hope you are enjoying your special day today and the day is going by fast. Personally, I think this day is dragging, dragging, dragging. I’m ready to go home and be with Cayden and my pups. Plus, only 5 more hours until Justin is home. 🙂

    • Oh, I know that every pregnancy is different so yes, I am hoping that the next one will be this pleasant and easy. I mean, I did have morning sickness (vomiting) throughout so it wasn’t exactly the perfect pregnancy, but I always said I didn’t mind having those symptoms because it just reminded me that the baby was healthy and my HCG levels were extra high. But other than that, I was able to stay active throughout. You know what amazes me with your pregnancy, though. Even though you had to take it easy, were on bed rest from time to time, you were able to get back to your healthy way by 3-4 months. Other people (probably less motivated people) it would probably take them 9-months – x-years to get back down to pre-pregnant weight.

      So, it looks like you and I may be with bumps with our toddlers next Fall. How much fun would that be? We could take them to FAO Schwartz. And if you plan it perfectly, the tree will be up at Rockafeller Center so we can take the famous picture by the tree!!!! I’m ready to start jotting down our itinerary. Just let us know when you book. A year will go by fast.

      When is your sister’s wedding in April? Are you excited? Is your other sister excited? So are you both Matron and Maid of Honor? April will be here before we know it. I can’t wait to see pictures. Next thing you know it’ll be her Bridal Shower followed by Bachelorette party. ;o)

      Okay, hope you had a fabulous night with Justin being home. I’ll catch up on LS.

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  4. Out of all the issues I had while pregnant with Cayden, the only one I didn’t mind was being sick. That’s because that was the only one that told me he was ok! I can deal with that. But, we’ll just have to see. It would be so fun to have our second ones at the same time. FAO Schwartz would be so much fun and I would love for us all to take a pick by the tree! How exciting! I know it will go by fast and we need to start thinking about timing. I am looking partly at how much time I will have to take off for Lauren’s wedding so we can figure out how much time we will have for our trip. Then, we need to coordinate it with Justin’s trial schedule so we don’t run into a problem with that. I told him to start thinking about that so we can figure it out. I want to get our plane tickets really early so we pay less. It will be so fun!!!

    Lauren’s wedding is Sunday, April 29th. We are excited! Carrie is excited too. I am Lauren’s Matron of Honor and Carrie is her maid of honor. She has her fiance’s sister and two other close friends as her bridesmaids. She is planning her bridal shower for the second Saturday in March, I think, so that will be fun. She doesn’t want a crazy bachelorette party so we’ll see what she decides to do. I will definitely post lots of pics. I really need to get back to doing my blog again. I want to post one for Cayden’s birthday but Justin hasn’t uploaded the party pics yet. I never seem to get to getting things on my blog even though I always find time to read and comment on others. LOL

    We did have a great night last night, even though the Rangers lost Game 1. Oh well–they will win tonight!

    Take care!

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