Two Kids

4:45 AM: 4-Mile Run – COMPLETED

Here’s some great news. Lili Bear slept straight through the night for the first time ever and in her crib. I picked her up from my parents house around 5:30. We were home by 6:10. Pedro and I played with her and then I gave her a bath. I fed her around 7:10 and then we played for a little bit more. She fell asleep in my arms around 8:10 and shortly thereafter, we placed her in crib. She fussed here and there but the next time she woke up was about 4:20. Changed her diapers and fed her. I placed her in her swinger and she hung out while I ran and fell asleep around 5 until 7:30. Now, let’s hope this is a new thing and she sleeps through the night all the time (if not longer). I won’t lie to you. I kind of wanted to sleep in bed with her. I love cuddling with her.

Anyway, I wanted to get a few things done after my run, but that didn’t happen. I’m still recovering from Sunday. I didn’t get to finish, but after the race, I was babysitting Scarlett. I didn’t really plan any activities, but I do have a lot of things that I knew Scarlett would like, i.e. pillows to make a house and she loves drawing.

She was good, for the most part. She helped give Lili a bath, change her diapers, cleaned up her toys (well, after having to tell her a million times to help). She was too cute. She’d lug around the stool (it’s her new thing) and follow me around.

Remember Lili on her bumbo? The bumbo was actually Scarlett’s when she was a baby. Then my sister gave it to me. I remember bringing up a week before I delivered. I was cleaning it off and Pedro said to me, “Um, what if we’re having a boy? Are you still going to use it?” Me: “Uh, YES! Who cares what color it is. It beats the hell out of spending extra dough on something she won’t be able to use after 7-8 months!”

When Scarlett came into the nursery, she wanted to sit it in. I tried to tell her she was too BIG for it, but she doesn’t like to listen.

I was afraid I’d have a hard time pulling her out of it.

Anyhow, after we put Lili down for bed, Scarlett and I watched Aladin.

Can you tell how tired I was?!? Scarlett fell asleep at 9:30 and I fell asleep shortly after. My BIL got to our house around 10:40 and carried her out. After I locked up, I checked on Lili, kissed P goodnight and went straight to BED.

Having Scarlett over was definitely hard work. It gave me insight on our future with a toddler and a baby. We figure if we start trying next year, Lili will be almost 2 when we have another newborn. I definitely want one more baby. I just hope I have the same pregnancy I had with Lili. Even though I puked a lot, it was a fabulous pregnancy overall.

Okay, hopefully I’ll be caught up with all the time I have off. I hope it goes by slow as molasses. I want to enjoy every second with Lili.


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