Weekend Recap

4:50 AM: Tracey Anderson’s Post-Pregnancy Workout – COMPLETED

5:50 AM: Upper Body Weights – COMPLETED

Okay, I started this entry yesterday, but having a baby doesn’t allow me much time to blog on the weekends. I mean, I had some time yesterday, but let me tell you, I was exhausted. So I’ll give you my quick weekend recap now.

Saturday: I woke up and ran 3-miles. I almost missed my window because I was busy chatting away on the tele, but when my girlfriend made it a point to get off the phone because we were meeting up for Dim Sum, it was my cue to get stepping. I also hit so much traffic on my way there, I was 15-minutes late. It was nice meeting up with the girls though.

When we were done and parted ways, I stopped to pick up the husband some breakfast and then headed home. We had Pedro’s SIL and niece stopping in to see Lili.

I had to go to Honda after — but that was a huge mess. I’m not going to even get into that whole thing.

Sunday: I woke up and got a few things done (including a load of laundry) before meeting my sister for a run. We ran 6-miles together, she made breakfast and then I got home. Lili was down for a nap when I got home. She took a long one. I was relaxing because that run I had with my sister was really rough. I mean, it was my first real outdoor run with lots of hills and um, can you say humidity? What happened to Fall?

When Lili finally woke up, I fed her and it was almost time for the Jets game. I was happy my Giants won (oh and the Yankees, although they did lose the night time game).

Lili patiently waiting for the Jets game to start.

Her, ‘Oh Papa. You so funny!” face.

Jets are losing… Can they still catch up?

Lili says, “Go Long….”

Unfortunately it was a big “L” for the Jets, but it was a fun game to watch.

Lili was in bed by 8 but then she got up at 1 for a quick feeding and then back down until 4:40ish. She ate fast, took a dump and would not go back to sleep. I was about to start my workout, and I could tell she wanted to join in.

She lasted 5-minutes before falling right back to sleep. HA. I finished my workout, showered and prepped two dinners for tonight. Pedro requested a Shepard’s Pie and I’m going to make a Tortilla for myself. I’ll need leftovers since tomorrow we’re going to be at church for our Baptismal session.

Overall a great weekend. I’m looking forward to this coming weekend already. It’s a good thing I have Thursday off for the Jewish holiday. How did you spend your weekend?

One thought on “Weekend Recap

  1. Busy weekend as usual but sounds fun! Adorable pics of Lili and you look amazing, as always. How fun to get to meet up with your friends! I’m happy you got to run with your sister too but sorry for the humidity. Our weather has been all messed up too. I want our fall weather back! Where o where did it go?!?! LOL

    Adorable pics of Lili in her Jets jersey–sorry they lost. I know Pedro wasn’t too happy. He sure didn’t look happy in that pic and the game wasn’t even over yet! 🙂

    I hope our Cowboys can pull it off tonight but so many injuries….we’ll just have to see. Cayden is all geared up in his Cowboys jersey and shorts….I will send a pic later. I know he won’t make it through much of the game but at least he looks the part. LOL

    Have an awesome day! XOXO

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