Lili & Sleep

4:30 AM: 3-Mile Run – COMPLETED

Today was a little bit easier dropping Lili off. She was asleep when I brought her inside, so I took her out of the car seat and moved her into the Moses basket. She also had a great night of sleep. We fed her at 8:20 and she was getting deep into sleep. So I told Pedro to put her in her bassinet. So went down at 8:40, Pedro and I ate dinner and I had a glass of wine before turning in. I think it was close to 10:30-11. As soon as I hit the sheets I was knocked. Lili woke up at 3:15 for a feeding and then went back down at 3:45. She didn’t wake up again until 7:15. I gave her one last feeding, changed her, showered for work and then dropped her off. I was trying to schedule her feedings so that by the time I pick her up, she won’t need a feeding until later on that night. Let’s hope that works out. Also, let’s hope her sleeping pattern sticks. Next week she’ll be three months and Pedro and I want to test her out in her nursery. I can’t believe how quickly time is just flying by.

Anyway, when Lili went back down at 3:45, I ended up cleaning up a bit, washing dishes, getting Lili’s clothes ready for today and then running 3-miles. After my run, I stretched out a bit, did some crunches and then laid back down on the couch watching some Married with Children episodes. It’s on from 4-7 AM. HA. I ended up closing my eyes for almost an hour when Lili started stirring up a cry. My new alarm clock, except this one doesn’t come with a snooze button. Actually, today it kind of did. If I rocked her in her rocker, she would quiet down a bit. She gave me maybe 15-minutes extra — that’s how much a snooze button usually gives you, right?

Last night, when Lili woke up from a little nap and right before her bath, I was sorting through a bag of clothes my mom gave me for Lili. She’s outgrown a lot of her newborn and regular onesies, so I’m breaking out the 3-6 months and 6-9 months clothes.

My mom is the best when it comes to storing things. She washed all the clothes before packing them, separating them by months and ziplocking them up nice and tight.

Lili woke up from her nap while I was sorting through them. I put her down next to me and started holding some onesies up to her. I don’t think she was very happy.

Totally not having it. I was able to sort through them and put them in some kind of order. I decided to keep two stacks in the ziplocks for the future.

She started getting real fussy and at that point, I decided to give her a bath. Fortunately she wasn’t that mad at me when I gave her a bath. HA.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to getting out of work so I can go see my bumblebee. Just a few more hours… I won’t lie, I look forward to a glass of wine right after seeing Lili. What do you look forward to at the end of the work day?


One thought on “Lili & Sleep

  1. Lili is really doing well with her sleep. I hope that continues! It will make life so much easier for you. You are doing great getting up early and staying up (even if you end up dozing on the couch later on). I hope her feeding schedule works out–it took us a while to get it down but we finally got it worked out to where Cayden doesn’t have to eat the second I pick him up.

    Your mom did a great job with all the clothes! How sweet of her. I’m telling you–your parents sound so amazing. 🙂 Too bad Lili wasn’t so interested in her clothes but someday, she will love them. LOL

    As you know, all I want when I get off work is to see my Cayden-bear! Next, I want to see Justin and my puppies and change out of my work clothes and just be home!

    Hope the day goes fast for you!


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