Watching her Grow…

6:00 AM: 3-Mile Run – COMPLETED

I’m not really into the Miss USA Pageant, but I just had to see if Ms. Philippines was going to get crowned. Unlike last year’s response, this Ms. Philippines had a great response to her question. Unfortunately, she was 3rd Runner Up. Maybe next year.

Yesterday, Lili and I had some great quality bonding time. She is really starting to talk a lot. My mom and dad say she’s gossiping. She really is too cute. It’s starting to get really difficult leaving her in the morning. She looks at me and starts talking… it breaks my heart.

Anyhow, when we got home from my dad’s house, we had this waiting for us in the living room. Pedro said it looked like a rifle.

A gift from Allie & family. She is always sending us the best gifts.

Funny story. When Scarlett was a few months old, he was about to hang the measuring stick on the wall. Before hanging it, he laid Scarlett next the measuring stick and came out the room screaming, “HON, SCARLETT IS 4 FT. TALL!!!” My sister turned over to her husband and said, “Look at me. I am 4’11. How is it possible that our 3-month baby is 4 Ft. tall?” True story.

Pedro and I were reminiscing about that story and held Lili-Bear next to it. She’s 4ft tall! HA!

Thank you again Allie for this wonderful gift! We still haven’t decided where we’ll hang it. I’m thinking maybe next to the Giraffe.

My girlfriend, Rachel, stopped by last minute yesterday. Poor thing. Her car broke down, but fortunately, she was able to make it to my street. Also, when her dad came to pick her up, he was able to temporarily fix it and drive it down to his job, which happens to be down the street from our house. So happy that she didn’t have to spend the extra dough on it getting towed.

Okay, I need to get some work done and make some personal calls. We booked the church for Lili’s Baptism. I’m so excited. More details on that later.


2 thoughts on “Watching her Grow…

  1. I’m so glad you got it! I thought it would be fun to watch Lili grow. I got Cayden a puppy one for his birthday. 🙂

    Funny that Pedro said it looked like a rifle…I didn’t think about that when I packaged it. LOL I couldn’t find a long, skinny box so this was the only way to do it!

    Funny story about Scarlett being 4 feet tall….that’s one tall baby! Ha!

    I know what you mean about it being hard to leave our babies. I look at Cayden and it is so hard to make myself walk out the door. I hate it! I love it when I get extra time with him and honestly, I am a bit envious of the moms who get to stay home with their sweet babies. Don’t get me wrong, I am appreciative of my wonderful job and the fact that I make money to pay for the things we need but still, I miss my Cayden! I know you feel the same about Lili!

    Take care and enjoy the rest of your day! Half-way through and then we get to go get our babies!!!

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