New Playdates

8:30 AM: Group Run – PENDING

I’m getting this entry out bright and early (well, not that bright and early considering that I’ve been up since 4:30 AM). I was spoiled yesterday by getting out of work a little bit before noon. Before picking up Lili, I had a few errands to run. First, I had to open up a bank account for Lili. We had some checks given to her when she was born and I never had a chance to deposit them. I also want to get all my checks from my part-time job direct deposited into her account. Pedro and I are very lucky and grateful to have wonderful and amazing parents that also have opened up savings accounts for Lili. We all know that once college starts it’ll cost one bazillion dollars. We already took the liberty in talking to Lili about getting scholarships. HA. Anyway, there were a few people at the bank and not enough people to help, but I was running early anyway. The man that helped me was very nice. In fact, he gave me such a great compliment. After opening my account and congratulating me, he turned over to me and told me that I looked amazing for just having a baby and that his wife would be jealous. He made my afternoon.

After that bank stop, I had to go to another bank to deposit into Pedro and my account. Finally, I headed over to my parents’ house to scoot Lili. Lili and I had plans with a high school friend of mine that lives down the street from me. We were in homeroom together for four years and we haven’t seen each other in 13-years. She had a baby last October (In fact, on my friend Allie’s son’s, Cayden’s, birthday. What a small world!) so we thought it would be nice to introduce Olivia to Lili. I ended up eating lunch at my parents’ house beforehand and then headed over to Gaby’s.

Olivia is such a cutie. Her thing is kissing feet and it was the cutest thing when she would kiss Lili’s tootsie’s.

Gaby & Lili.


It was such a great time. Lili and I were there for a good 4-hours before heading home. When I got home, I gave her a bath, fed her, folded laundry, put a load in the wash and dryer, ate dinner and fell asleep with her. I’m actually getting ready now to drop her off at her Abueli’s house so I can go to group run. Pedro was going to watch her, but I figured, if his parents wanted to spend time with her, then why not? Right?

Also, I’m still debating on whether Lili will come to the wedding with me tonight. We’re getting a few things fixed at the house from Hurricane Irene and Pedro will be here. I do have a cute dress for her… I think I will.

Pictures to come. Happy Saturday.


3 thoughts on “New Playdates

  1. How fun! And how funny that Olivia’s birthday is the same as Cayden’s! Small world indeed.

    Adorable pics and yes, the man was right–you do look fantastic!!!

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