So Behind…

6:30 AM: 3.1-Mile Run (5×400) – COMPLETED

I’m so behind with my personal life. I have emails that I need to respond to, laundry that just keeps on piling up, dusting and straightening of the house and the list keeps on going. I also need to reschedule some dinners that I was supposed to have but due to Irene, well, she took matters into her own hands. Pedro’s back to going into the office which makes my work commute into a whole different world. First, I have to leave my house by 8 to drop her off at either my parents or his parents’ house. This week is a little weird with the commute because Irene did plenty of damage in town and that just makes my morning commute real crappy. After work, I get to either of our parents house by 5:20. Thank goodness. But then it’s going over how Lili was doing, how much she ate, was she behaved, did she get a bath, etc. I try to keep it short, but we’ll see how today goes. I like to be home by 6 (unless we have plans to eat dinner there).

Anyway, Lili was well-behaved this morning (though her sleep was off) and cooperated in her swinger while I hopped on the treadmill. I was even able to take a quick shower and change for work. She was in and out of her sleep, but she was in a deeper sleep than I thought.

I change her out of her pajamas into day clothes. P’s mom said she would change her and I could bring her in her jammies, but that’s just not right. Oh, did I mention that today is Lili’s first full day at her Abueli and Abuelo’s house?

We are keeping the Moses basket at their house since my mom has a playpen from Scarlett. Fun Fact: The pillow case that she’s on is her papa’s pillow case when he was a baby.

So the big boss is in Ireland and I’m hoping to be less busy this week, but I think my slow week will be next (I hope).

Happy Hump Day. I’m still waiting for word to see if we’re CLOSED on Friday. I don’t think my boss will be in…


One thought on “So Behind…

  1. Oh she is so so precious! Cutest dress on her! She is getting big–I see an adorable baby belly on her! 🙂 I hope she has fun today.

    I know it takes a while to go over everything when you pick her up and, like you, we like to be home by 6 so we can get to a bath, feeding pups, dinner, etc. So much to pack into an evening!

    I’m happy she let you get your run in–that can be challenging with little ones.

    Hope you have a wonderful day and things slow down for you. XOXO

    Oh, and yes, we will take pics of Cayden and get them up on our gallery. Justin is nearly caught up so then we will add our new ones. I will send you the link. 🙂

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