Workout Buddies

6:45 AM: Weight Training – COMPLETED

Pedro took the late night shift (which happened to be 12 and 2:15. Ever since the doctor’s appointment on Wednesday her sleep schedule has been off and on) and I took the “anytime after 3:30 on” shift. Well, that’s always my shift. Fortunately, since she went down at 2:45, Lili didn’t wake up until 5:45. I changed her wet dipe (what we call a diaper in the house) and fed her. She was going in and out of her sleep, but finally she went down. I debated on where to put her down, and the playpen was my best option.

Hands up position means I’m good to go.

So, I pulled out my weight training book and started my workout.

It’s one of my favorite workouts from 2007 Glamour magazine by Gunnar Peterson. You know he trained celebs like JLo & Claire Danes.

Halfway through my workout, my bumblebee started to cry.

She wanted to workout with mommy. I mean, we did work out for almost 10-months together. She loved the whirlpool.

I was able to ditch the free weights and use my own Lili weight. All jokes aside, I put her down in the rocker and finished my workout while giving her peek-a-boo smiles and faces.

Oh, that’s right. I never posted my progress pictures. I’m 9-weeks post pregnant and still soft in the middle. I’m very motivated though, so not to worry. Just 2-lbs to get to pre-pregnant weight and an extra 5 to my racing weight.

I don’t think there’s really much of a difference from the last few weeks. But I’m not going to complain.

Running/Racing News: Nothing much going. I’m debating on running a 25k on October 2nd. My sister is running this race as well Scarlett. She will be running her first kids race. How much fun is that going to be? If I decide to run this race, I might have to use a different half training to get higher miles in. I’m just not sure how smart that would be for someone just getting back into running. I need to be smart about this and not get injured. On the other hand, I did run throughout my pregnancy.

Decisions, decisions… Do you think it’s too fast for me to do a 25k?

Okay, I’m ready to get out of work. It’s one hell of a week between an earthquake and now a hurricane?!? Of course everyone in NJ thinks, “hurricane” — and now nobody has flashlights. It’s like during the winter, when there’s a predicted snowstorm and all the shovels are out. Really? Are these shovels disposable shovels?

Happy Friday.


3 thoughts on “Workout Buddies

  1. Aw! Lili just wanted to work out with her mommy! Too cute! I am happy she let you get your entire work out in, though. She is so adorable. 🙂

    You are looking wonderful! You can really see your obliques again…your tight tummy will be back soon…it just takes time for the extra skin to go away. You think about it, our tummies were stretched A LOT and that skin has to go somewhere. I still have just a tad bit of extra skin right above my belly button that is just skin…you can tell that’s what it is but it just hasn’t quite gone away yet. Justin says I am imagining it but it is definitely there. LOL

    On the 25k….as you know, I am new to running but that seems like a really long way to run in just a few short weeks. But, you are an experienced runner and ran all through your pregnancy. If you feel strong enough to do it, you should do it. You are the best judge of what you can handle. What about getting in a longer run soon, see how you do and then decide? And, what about talking to your doctor? Since she is also a runner, she might be able to give you some insight and advice.

    All right–you all be safe this weekend! We were watching the news about Irene and it could hit you all pretty hard. Oh, and make sure you go find flashlighs since apparently, everyone threw their old ones out and went and bought new ones. LOL


    • A lot of people out west were making fun of us and the earthquake, but really, our buildings and houses aren’t made to withstand earthquakes. Hurricane Irene I’m not really freaking out about, but I did hear a man downstairs tell someone how he went to the supermarket this morning and how there wasn’t even a shopping cart left, no water, eggs, milk, and batteries. Seriously?!? Though, they just made it a State of Emergency and they closed roads going down South, anywhere from exit 98 on the NJ Parkway. I’m hoping I get out of work soon. I would love to run out and hit the grocery store… though I’m a little nervous that someone might run me over with their shopping cart. LOL

      Thanks for your endless compliments. I have been feeling better this week because let me tell you, the weekend was a horrid weekend of junk & fatty food eating. I’m a little piggy short and stout. Okay, I’m not stout, but I am short.. and I did feel a little stout. I wanted to wear my skinny jeans this morning but couldn’t reach them in my closet. I haven’t tried them on since before I gave birth. We really need to clean out all the closets in the house. A confession: we were supposed to do it before Lili was born.

      I’m still up in the air with the 25k, but I’m leaning towards doing it. I will just have to really be focused on getting my runs in. I don’ t think that will be much of a problem. Well, only a semi-problem because I will have to do my runs 70% of the time on the treadmill before work. I have Lili with me. Or, I could always do them on the road when I drop Lili off at my dad’s. Hmmm.. Something to think about.

      I hope you have a great weekend too. I’m glad that this week went by semi-fast.

  2. If you want my honest opinion, I think it’s too early for the 25K. Why push yourself and risk a potential injury? Then you could miss out on Philly 😦 I would just focus on Philly which gives you plenty of time to build a base safely. Why don’t you do the 5K instead?

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