Baby Fever

08.24.11: 3.1-Mile Run (with speed intervals) – COMPLETED

6:05 AM: 2.20-Mile Run + Weight Training – COMPLETED

So, I thought I would have the time to sit in my new office (it’s not really an office since it’s part of the kitchen/dining area, but it’s my place to get away from things & blog & surf the net if I ever get the chance to), but we had important things to take care of and the number one thing was Lili. Even though I’m slightly bummed I haven’t been able to blog as often this month (seriously, every single time I’m ready to post an entry, something comes up, and the big thing was me going back to work.). I’m doing what I can though and blogging is really my outlet for downtime.

I was just about ready to sit down and type away when Lili started to stir up a cry. It wasn’t time for her feeding, but it was time to take her temp. I’ll get back to that in a minute.

I even put up some new pictures on my poster board just to feel inspired. Hopefully I will be able to sometime this weekend. So let’s break down the updates, shall we.

Baby Updates: Lili had her two-month visit yesterday and yes, the appointment was for 6:45 AM. Seriously, a doctor’s office opened that early? I don’t mind it though, and honestly, it’ll be better for when I actually have to go into work after. They changed my appointment last minute from afternoon to first thing in the morning telling me that they needed to see new patients first thing in the morning. It worked out well because then P came with me. I had a strong feeling that Lili was going to pee everywhere as soon as she got naked, and sure enough, she did just that; not once, but twice. Here’s her stats.

Lili is 11 lbs., 4 oz. So, that’s pretty much a 5 lb, 4oz weight gain. I think she was 23-inches long and her head measured at 25. The doctor said that left her in the 75th percentile for weight and 50-75% for heights. She was so good during her exam. She didn’t cry at all. Unfortunately, she had to have 3 shots and 1 oral medicine. She totally cried, but not terribly, during her shots. What a trooper. Before leaving, I set up an appointment for her ears to get pierced and her 4-month visit.

As soon as we left, we had to stop at CVS to get her Baby Tylenol. There would be a chance she would get a fever. As soon as we got home, I took her temperature, fed her and then the stinker pooped herself. It required me to give her a bath. After her bath, I wrapped her up and then we took her temperature again, and it was a low fever. So we gave her Tylenol. She fell asleep and for the first time, we decided to let her sleep in her nursery crib. Can you believe since she’s been born, she’s never taken a nap there???

Anyway, as soon as she went down, I knew I could sneak a run in. But, not even half an hour later, I hear her crying, so I take her into my arms and lay on the couch with her. We both take a long nap. I cut mine at an hour and a half, but she kept going. When she woke up, her temperature was still up. So I feed her and then put her back into the nursery. It was then that I could get my run in. After my run, I jump in the shower and by that point, P was there to take over. I ran to the supermarket and made dinner.

Are you tired yet?!? After dinner, P and I clean up together. That was when I saw it was only 7:45 and had time to catch up on some blogs and even my own blog. I saw Pedro taking her temp again, and poor baby, still another fever. We had to give her a third dose of Tylenol.

So yeah, my downtime was cut down to no time and I didn’t mind one bit. Lili comes first at all times.

Running/Training: I can’t complain that much. I was able to get my run in yesterday and today’s run was cut short a bit because Lili kept coming in and out of her sleep. It was definitely a rough night for both her and I, but of course, more for her. I know this will get better. Next week will definitely be more challenging. The first full week of her going to my mom’s and MIL’s. Hopefully it won’t be too bad. The good news is it should be a slow week. The last week of August tends to be laid back. I certainly hope that happens next week. I would love to get out early so I can enjoy some time with Lili Bear.

Wow, that was a lot to get out. At least it’s Friday tomorrow. I’m glad that I was able to take the day yesterday and spend it with Lili. I just wish she didn’t have a fever all day/night. I am relieved she’s all better though.

Time to get some work done.


5 thoughts on “Baby Fever

  1. So glad Lili is doing better today. I’m sorry she had such a reaction to the shots. Poor baby. But, she sounds like she is doing awesome! Such a big girl.

    By the way, Cayden didn’t sleep in his crib AT ALL until he ws 8 1/2 months old. So, I can believe Lili has not been in hers until yesterday. LOL

    Cute, cute pics of Lili–I so enjoy seeing her. She is changing so much so fast! I can’t wait to meet her next year. She will be so big by then! So will Cayden! 🙂

    Great job on getting your work outs in. I know it is hard. Cayden likes to interrupt mine too…this morning was a great example of that. LOL We do what we can, though, and like you said, our babies always come first.

    Hope work is ok today (I am having a rough time at work lately but I’m sure that will change soon). I am happy you had some time to catch up on your blog! I am always happy to see what you have been doing and seeing new pics of you all.

    Take care, give Lili kisses for me and just think–tomorrow is Friday!


    • I’m always thinking of you at 3:30 AM. Mostly, I’m thinking, how the hell does Allie do it? And you BF too. I’m sure if I had exclusively been BF, I’d be pouring fountains of milk. But yeah, any time I BF her it would sometimes take 45-60 minutes, and then she still wouldn’t be satisfied. I do miss it a little. But I still get that bonding time with the bottle. We talk about world news, what we did during the day, etc. LOL

      Work’s going by okay… I’m hoping the rest of the afternoon will fly on by. We’re having dinner at my in-laws. I hope to get there no later than 5:30 so that we can be home by 7:30 the latest. I want to be home and get ready for tomorrow’s workday. ;o)

      Hugs to Cayden. I can’t believe he’ll be 11 months!!!!

  2. Oh man, I feel tired just remembering how it was when the baby was that little! It’s awesome that you still got in the running, I know that’s not easy!

    • We invested in a treadmill back in 2009 because the weather during the winter can be brutal. I asked for an engagement ring and he got me a treadmill. LOL I can’t complain; the ring came two months after. Also, I knew once I had a baby, it would be difficult for me to just go out and run at first — so I would have to turn to treadmill running. So far it’s working out like a charm.

      So, I hope it gets better — from what you’re remembering.

  3. I love pictures of babies sleeping with their arms overhead. I heard it’s a sign they feel safe and secure. 🙂

    Busy, busy, gemini, you are. I love reading your updates.

    Miss you.

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