Lunch Date

7:05 AM: 3-Mile Run – COMPLETED

Baby: Yesterday was a great day. Pedro and Lili came to visit me at lunch and the big boss met Lili. Then we walked into town, ate lunch at a bagel spot and walked back to sit on a bench. It was a gorgeous day. Sure it was a little hot, but there was at least a breeze.

Those aren’t bruises on my legs; they’re mosquito bites. Seriously, mosquitoes love my blood. They attack me instantly.

When I got home from work, Lili and Papa were outside waiting for me. P said that she was so fussy inside, but the moment they came outside, she was happy. She must have needed some fresh air. We went back inside & I played with Lili while Pedro took some time off from her. Of course you know I couldn’t resist and took more pictures of the princess.

Yes, mommy changed Lili’s socks to match the outfit. What was papa thinking; lime green with purple & yellow?!? No fashion sense whatsoever.

How funny is this picture? It’s her Olivia Newton John, “Let’s Get Physical” outfit.

Happy two-months Baby Lili.

Okay, so last week my running was up in the air. I had planned to set some type of base before HM training. Little did I know, next week is when I officially start training for Philly. So, I’m doing week 1 this week so that I can get into the groove. Last night, I had every intention of getting the Tracey Anderson workout in, but Lili was so fussy. Seriously, she would NOT let me work out. I ended up doing kettlebells at 9:30 and 15-minutes later, she was already crying. So, I took her out of her bassinet and laid with her in bed and just like that, she was knocked out for the next 6-hours. I can’t complain, but I’m not fully adjusted to working out at 4am. I need to train myself. Starting tomorrow, I need to just get up at her first feeding and stay up to workout. Otherwise, it’s going to be tough getting it in. It took me forever to get my run in and even after, when I was finishing up, I could hear Lili in the monitor squirming and crying for dear life.

Here’s what on schedule for this week:

Monday: Weights (Well, I did get 15-minutes)
Tuesday: 3-Mile Run
Wednesday: 5×400 5k
Thursday: 3-Miles + Weight
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 3-Miles
Sunday: 5-Miles

It doesn’t seem so hard, but mix that in with baby duties… I won’t get discouraged. Allie does just fine.

Okay, I need to get some work done. I think I’m heading with my boss to a client’s house for some document signing. At least I can get out of the office.


6 thoughts on “Lunch Date

  1. What a wonderful lunch date! Cutest pics ever! You look awesome!

    Those pics of Lili are just beautiful…I so like the Olivia Newton John look. LOL It’s even funnier that you changed her socks to match. What will we do with daddy who can’t match? That’s ok…Justin can’t match either and it is so much easier with boys!

    Working out with a baby IS hard. But, it can be done. I just know that if I don’t get up and work out at 4 am, it will NOThappen. Sometimes, Cayden wakes up in the morning and causes problems with my workout but it happens less than if I try to work out at other times. I found that the more I got up at 4, the easier it got. Now I don’t even think about it. Just keep doing it and trust me, it will get easier. Also, you won’t feel bad because you haven’t been able to work out. You know that it is done and you have the rest of the day to work, do other things, and most of all–spend time with Lili!

    Hang in there—it takes time to adjust…I think Cayden was four or five months old before we got things working more smoothly. It will happen.

    By the way, did you decide to stop breastfeeding? Just curious how that is going if you did. I hear weaning can be tough on mommy.

    Have a wonderful day!

    • I kept saying to myself after her 3:45 feeding, “Just get up and start your workout. It’s the only way it’s going to get done!” But no… I chose to be greedy and get more sleep. As if 6 hours wasn’t enough. HA. I can’t complain because she does sleep long. I’m sorry that Cayden is still doing 2-3 hours. I don’t know how I would do it if that were the case. I mean, I know we just get used to it, but yeah, I won’t complain. I will try tomorrow (since I am off anyway) to workout after her first feeding. Hopefully it will go well. Next week will be much different since I will have to be out of the house no later than 8 to bring Lili to either my parents or P’s parents.

      Yes, we started weaning her off BF. So far it is going well. I don’t feel as guilty as i was feeling last week. I am spending a lot of time giving her the bottle and having conversations with her. She is babbling a lot these days. I feel more guilty leaving her in the morning time, especially b/c she is napping less. Weird, you would think she would still be sleeping a lot. It’s off/on. Maybe she’ll get one 2-hour nap, but not too much these days. Mayhaps that’s why she sleeps long at night?!?

  2. ha! i love the “let’s get physical” outfit. so cute!

    you look amazing and hang in there with the running. you will have a turning point soon (trust me), just be patient!

    • I thought the “Let’s get Physical” outfit was very fitting since I do like to workout. HA.

      Thanks on the looking amazing, but honestly, the last week I had been eating like crap. I couldn’t put down the cookies for the life of me and though I can fit into my summer shorts from 2007, some of them “just fit”. So I need to get in check b/c I haven’t had to try on my skinny jeans and hoping that those will fit perfectly once fall rolls around. Have I told you how much I love the fall?

  3. Working out with a newborn-ish baby is SUPER hard. I used to get like 1 mile done and then spend hours walking up and down the hall with a screaming baby (we had reflux issues here) and wonder if I could count that as an extra mile. 🙂

    • It’s good to know that it’s not just me! I will have to come in and check out some of your post-pregnancy posts and running for some inspiration and tips.

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