Friday night…

just got paid…

4:00 PM: 3-Mile Run – PENDING

I am so hoping to get my run in at some point. My morning was a little bit wacky. I’m still at work and waiting to haul ass. At least work’s been light. I was able to balance checkbooks & pay some bills. I have a busy weekend ahead of me. Tonight Lili and I are meeting my girlfriend who is due with baby #1 this January. Tomorrow Lili and I are going to group run followed by a haircut for moi. We may or may not stop at my parents’ house as there is a slight possibility that family from down South Jersey will be stopping to visit. I’d love for them to meet Lili. Sunday will be my catch up day. You know, catch up on cleaning, laundry, cooking, etc., etc., etc.

So yeah, that pretty much sums up my weekend. I just can’t wait to get home to see my lili bear. I miss her.

Happy Friday.


2 thoughts on “Friday night…

  1. Look at that sweet baby! Adorable!

    Enjoy your weekend! Sounds like you have a pretty full plate but I hope you get some time to just relax and enjoy Lili.

    Take care!

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