A Fair to Remember

6:30 AM: 2-Mile Run – COMPLETED

7:00 AM: Tracey Anderson Method: Post-Pregnancy – COMPLETED

Work has been overwhelming, but I didn’t expect less. Coming back from 7-weeks maternity leave and an attorney getting ready to leave for a week and half; let’s just say she did not hesitate to work me like a horse. Good news is the boss is gone for the rest of the week and all of next week. Basically this means I will get some downtime.

I also plan to start my training for the Philly Half next week. I’m going to have to figure out how many times I can get the Tracey Anderson workout in. I did do another workout on Tuesday and yesterday I took off because Lili would not go down. We both woke up at 4:30 and after she ate she was wide-awake. I swayed her a bit and let her sleep on me. I even slept for a bit. After 15-minutes, I slowly transferred her to her rocker and after 10-minutes she was UP. At least today was much better, but that just shows that training may have its off days depending on how Lili’s moods are that day.

Today was much better. She slept from 10 (later than usual, but we got home late. More on that later) and woke up at 1:20. Then went back down at 1:40 and woke up at 5:20. I stayed up after that and then I had to wake her up to go to change and go to her grandparents’ house. My dad is watching her this morning and instead of just dropping her off and going on my own way, I stayed there and watched my mom feed Lili and put her down. I chit chatted for a bit and told them about last night. Lili and I had dinner at my sister’s and then we headed over to her town’s fair. It was two blocks down so we got in a good walk.

She did sleep most of the time even with all the loud music and noise. When she was up, I did not want to take her out of the stroller. I was afraid she would start crying. She was enjoying herself in the stroller.

Poor Scarlett couldn’t get on any rides. She’s just a little under 36-in. The only ride she could go on was the Ferris Wheel with her parents.

Poor thing. I know she wanted to go on a lot more rides than the Ferris Wheel. Oh well… Instead, we just took pictures.

And of course, Scarlett needed to sneak in this picture.

It was a fun night. We got cotton candy for Scarlett so that we could distract her from leaving the fair. We walked back to my sister’s then Lili and I headed home. We were both tired; perhaps Lili was overtired.

Tonight will be a more laid back night. I am going to try to walk over to Trader Joe’s at some point also. I can taste the weekend!

One thought on “A Fair to Remember

  1. Adorable pics! Too bad Scarlett couldn’t ride the rides…that was an issue for me for a long time since I have always been so short! I remember some rides I couldn’t ride in middle school because I was too short! Not fun, not fun at all.

    Glad you guys had a good time! I think we will go to the fair just to walk around and see the sights. My dad used to be the veterinarian for the NM state fair so I got used to going every year and seeing all the animals and exhibits and seeing the rodeo. Going to the fair reminds me of my dad. đŸ™‚

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