6:45 AM: Tracey Andersons Method: Post-Pregnancy – COMPLETED

Back to work… I’ll miss these faces.

Notice the diaper job. Supposedly, she peed on Pedro twice and he was racing her before she peed a third time.

The two loves of my life. So in love. While I work, he gets to be with baby.

It was a great weekend, but now the party’s over and it’s back to work. How quickly the time slips from you. I wanted to work on my training schedule, but never had the time. Hopefully I’ll have some downtime at work, but I highly doubt it. I do know one thing; I am starting the Tracey Anderson Method: Post Pregnancy program this week and ideally, I’d like to squeeze that in 4-5x a week. On top of that, I’m not sure if I’m going to have a training schedule that allows me to run 3 or 4x a week. So yeah, that’s where I’m at. Training doesn’t officially start till the first week of September, however, I need to build a base before jumping into it.

I wanted to take some before pics before getting deep into Tracey Anderson’s program. I should take measurements, too. For now, I’m still 4-5 lbs. over my pre-pregnancy weight and 9-lbs to racing weight. So there’s a lot to work on.

Front View:

I’m very mushy in the mid-section as you can see, so I’m hoping with the running plus Tracey’s program I can get tighter than I was pre-pregnancy. I guess time will tell. I just have to be committed to the program.

Okay, I’m running late. I still have to jump in the shower and baby’s stirring up a cry. I’d love to get her a bath before I go to work. She’s a stinky butt like her mommy right now.

If anyone has any great programs for half marathons, I’d love your insight. I used to use Hal Higdon’s. Then moved onto Runner’s World & Smart Coach… any other ideas would be helpful.


4 thoughts on “Smiles

  1. you look great momma.
    I cant figure out the post pregnancy weight loss thing. im so freaking starving from breast feeding i need to eat way more than i did before its so out of control, like I feel starving all the time. And I have seen weight loss only when I eat a lot, but its like I bloat up huge in the afternoons and some days I just feel huge and bloated. For instance this weekend I was just 1 lb away from my pre -pregnancy weight and I was eating like and idiot all weekend, and at night I was 10 lbs away from it. Thats 9 lbs of bloating during the day. gosh. Now today I am back up to 4 lbs from it. Its like I have never been this all over the place. My body is just not setteled at all yet. I read this weekend it takes up to 6 -9 months for your hormones to settle enough to have your blood volume get back to normal. I had no idea it took that long. But gosh. I feel heavy and felt really aweful this weekend. I think my mind is just playing tricks on me becuase of what the scale says. Becuase seriously my jeans are now losse again. ugh I dont know.
    ANyways, just wanted to vent to another mommy who probably understands.
    So I am going to train for the halfin November. And I am trying to talk tim into training with me. I want him to be able to go on long runs with me on the weekend and we can take Xander in the jogging stroller. The longest run for a half is only like 11 miles or so , so thats not too long to bring the baby with at this point I think. But he is hesitant about the training. He tells me he wants to run a half so bad but then doesnt want to train. Then he complains that he never gets to the gym and all weekend I offered to hold down the house if he wanted to go for a couple hours and nope… he wouldnt go. oh guys. : )
    THis is my first FULL week back at work. I worked a half week last week, and honestly I hated it so much. Pumping at work, trying to juggle all the HUGE piles of work I had waiting for me and still do… I am seriously considering quitting at this point. Honestly. I am a way happier person when im just at home with my baby coking. The only trouble is that I am the one who provides for our family. We would have to go on food stamps and move into a 1 br apartment. sigh.
    ok this was long. Maybe ill just send you an e-mail nex ttime lol.

    • I am sure you look fab, lady! I know we can be so hard on ourselves, but I guess I can’t really complain about the weight. Of course, like I said, the midsection is still jiggly, but that’s normal since we were all stretched out. It’s still hard to believe that a baby was in our stomach, right? I look at Lili and I’m like, “dang, I can’t believe you were all scrunched up in there… How uncomfortable it must have been for you!” LOL

      My first week back at work was definitely hard, but it went by fast, surprisingly. I hope that this week goes by just as fast. Unfortunately, my morning did not start off the way I wanted it to start off. Since disability paid me a hefty amount and my boss calculated things incorrectly, I will owe him $2,100. So I’m running to the bank now to withdraw half of that and we have the other half at home. Just when we thought we were going to have some extra cash, we need to give some back. On top of that, Lili and P just got put on my insurance and that is going to cost me $1,300/month. Ugh. I am going to start going back to my p/t job in October for the extra cash.

      How many times are you pumping at work? I am pumping twice and it’s definitely tough and tiring. I did it twice all last week. It’s definitely hard to adjust but I’m trying. This morning, Lili woke up at 3:30. I was just going to stay up, but I was exhausted. So I climbed back into bed and when she woke up at 6:30, it was a much better time for me. I felt so much better.. but now, I’m tired again. Grrr.

      I hope that Xander is doing better and love seeing his pictures. Keep on posting them.

      • rachel that is crazy about having to pay back some of the pay you got while on leave. ugh so sorry. We are totally in the hole becuase I took the whole 3 months off and 6 of it was unpaid. oy. ill we were really conservative though while I was not getting paid.
        As for pumping at work I am doing about 3 times a day. Otherwise I wasnt sure if I would have enough for Xander each day. But im also pumping in the morning before I go and now I have too much every day, so I dont know. I may cut it down to just 2 times so I dont have to spend so much time pumping. Do you have an office you can pump in? I just have a cube so I have to use a room for pumping. Its a pain in the butt kinda.

        Oh gosh I was like you this morning exactly. Xander got up at 3:30 but it was too early for me to get up, then he was up again at 6:30 and that was perfect for the sleep I needed to but too late for me to get a work out in before work. I am relaly struggling to figure out a schedule that works for everyone. Im sure it will come with tim, and when he starts sleeping a little more regularly too.
        ok my little guy is super high maintnance tonight so I better go.

  2. You look wonderful! Don’t worry–the “mushiness” will go away. Mine did. I still have a bit of loose skin just above my belly button but otherwise, I have a nice, tight, muscled tummy. It will happen for you–just give it time, eat right, and exercise.

    I know it is awful leaving Lili. I HATE leaving Cayden. I am struggling today because I have been home with him for the past 7 days. I miss him!

    He called me Mama on Tuesday! Cutest thing ever! I was reaching down to pick him up and he raised his arms, and clear as day said “Mama”! I was tearing up and hugging him. It was a priceless moment!

    Ok, take care and hope work goes well. You get used to pumping all the time, by the way. I have been pumping four times a day for months….you get to where it is just routine.

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