Away from the Office

I can’t seem to find middle ground when it comes to blogging, being back at the office and spending time with Lili. I’m sure once I am fully adjusted I can blog regularly. I really do enjoy blogging and don’t want to neglect it, but time just seems to slip away.

The weekend also seems to also be slipping away and I’m sad that I have to conquer another full week of work away from Lili. She was so much fun this weekend. On Friday, I was able to get out of work two hours early and P dropped Lili off at my mom’s house. My parents knew I was stopping by, but they didn’t know that I was stopping by with Lili. I wanted to surprise them, and surprised they were. It worked out perfect because they Lili spent some time earlier with P’s parents and then the rest of the evening with mine. How fun! Lili and I got back home around 8:30 and boy was she tired. I wanted to make sure that we had some kind of schedule for tomorrow since Lili and were going to group run together for the first time. Hooray. Unfortunately, it’s crap-shoot when it comes to babies. We can’t predict when they’ll wake up, eat, sleep, or poop. Time was not on my side with Lili. She ended up waking up at the wrong time, but we made it work.

I spoke to Courtney all week confirming our meet-up at group. I also had an idea that she agreed to. Remember us in June when I was a few days shy of 40-weeks pregnant?

Well, here’s the after picture taken yesterday.

We tried to coordinate wearing the same clothes we wore the last time we met. Everything is the same except our bottoms — oh and the babies. LOL Meet the newest members of the Rose City Running Group. How stinkin’ cute is this photo? Oh, we also met a new member with her little baby. Jen and Juliana.

Jen just moved back to the area. Her husband and her lived in England for 3-years and before her baby was born, they moved back to the states. Her husband is currently training for an Ironman and her baby girl, Juliana, is now 4-months. We chatted with her for awhile and talked about how I went back to work after 7-weeks and how hard it is. Lucky for her, she is on UK maternity leave and guess what? They get NINE MONTHS of maternity leave. I am jealous.

Here’s Lili’s second mom; a/k/a the woman that delivered Lili. I love this woman. She’s currently training for a marathon in a few weeks and poor woman fell twice on her long run on Friday. She fractured a rib and still came out to group run. Hope you feel better, Viv.

When I got home from group (after visiting the folks at my part-time job), Aunt Anna stopped in to visit Lili.

Perhaps Lili will have a friend to play with soon?!? Check out Lili’s face. She was full…

My little butterball.

Anyway, after she left, I fed Lili and Pedro said he was bored, so we ended up going for our first family walk in the neighborhood. FYI, this walk ended up being an hour and a half. We were exhausted after and I won’t lie… Lili and I were tucked into bed by 8:45.

Thank goodness for Pedro. He did 3 loads of laundry and washed the dishes. Then, this afternoon, he went food shopping for me, too. Nice… Alright, I need to finish up the laundry — yes, we have 6-loads.


2 thoughts on “Away from the Office

  1. Great photos! How fun to have the before and after photos. šŸ™‚ Such cute babies! How fun that all of you are able to get together and run with your little ones.

    We need 9 months of maternity leave! That would be amazing!!!

    How sweet of Pedro–so happy he is helping you out!

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