A Post-Pregnancy Race

5:45 AM: 3-Mile Run – COMPLETED

So it’s official (well, as of this past Monday). I’m running the Philadelphia Half Marathon this November.

I was contemplating running the Full, but my OB/GYN advised me that I wouldn’t have enough time to train; and honestly, with the humid, hot weather we’ve been having, it’s probably better that I run the half. So, Kristy, I am looking forward to having some Philly pizza.

Now, I need to figure out what training plan I’m going to use and how serious I want to train for this race. It’ll be a comeback race after racing pregnant.

In other news, we received this package the other day. I’m not sure when it came in as the men working on our front stairs was using it as a workstation. The nerve.

It was addressed to “Liliana Sanchez”.

How adorable it this gift? It’s for Lili’s toys. The gift was from my boss, Pam. She did mention to me when she visited (and gave her clothes) that this was just her “teaser” gift and that the real gift was coming in the mail. How sweet.

Now we just need to fill it up with toys.

Okay, I need to go pump before I actually start working. It’s Wednesday and I can taste the weekend.


8 thoughts on “A Post-Pregnancy Race

  1. Congrats on signing up for the half! I bet you are excited to get back into racing mode! By the way, you inspired me to sign up for a 5K this fall! It is one that I can run with Cayden in the stroller so I am super excited. 🙂

    What an adorable gift for Lili! I finally got the one I ordered for her in so I hope to get it sent to you next week. 🙂

    Have a wonderful Wednesday–we are halfway to the weekend! More time to spend with our sweet babies!

    • OMG, YAY on your first 5k!!! How exciting!!!! And with Cayden!!! I still need my jogging stroller. I mean, I’m not in a rush since I can’t run with Lili in it until she’s 6-months. By that point, it’ll be too cold to take her out. So I guess I can wait it out a bit.

      Which 5k are you running and when is it???

      • It is just a local 5K at the end of September. It actually benefits the Susan Komen Foundation so it’s for a good cause too. Cayden and I did some training the last several days too. Running/jogging went well, considering I haven’t done much of it recently. I guess Insanity and Asylum work! LOL

        I found a website that lists all of the local 5ks and other races so if I continue to do these, I think I will invest in a jogging stroller. The one I have isn’t really cut out for it and you can tell when you get moving a little faster.

  2. rachel! so good to cathch up on everything goin on with you. I go back to work tomorow. Is it totally the hardest thing you have ever had to do? Im freaking out I have already cried like 10000 times this week. So so sad. Ill keep you posted on how I do.
    How exciting about the 1/2! Im thinking of signing up for the seattle half in Novembder as well, and seeing if Tim will run it with me. My parents will be in town so they can watch on the side with Xander. How is your running in general going? Im feeling way more sluggish than I thought, but its slowly coming back. I think I really hurt my big toe some how, so I need to remember to start icing it regularly.
    Anyways, it looks like you are doing great and lili is cute as ever : )

    • Lynsi: I requested you as a FB friend yesterday. I shut mine down a few months ago, but started it up from scratch. I want to see pics of Xander. How is he?

      Let me tell you, I had been dreading having to go back to work the last two weeks. Everytime I looked at Lili I’d feel this lump in my throat. I had to tell her so many times how much I was going to miss her and to not accomplish any milestones from Mon-Fri between 9-5:30. ;o( Who is watching Xander while you’re working? I thought it was going to be really hard, but at the same time I am blessed and grateful that both our parents are willing to watch Lili. So when I left her with my dad on Monday (he was super excited), I left right away so that it wouldn’t be harder to leave –and he looked like he had everything under control. Especially since he pretty much raised Scarlett for 2-years.

      Oh, when is the Seattle Half? And anything happen w/ that offer in FL? Keep me posted.

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