7:00 AM: 3-Mile Run – COMPLETED

Lili’s had a busy, busy few days. Since it’s my last week until I return to work (insert watery eyes and lump in throat), I’ve been trying to get our house together, run errands as well as spend as much time with my munchkin. If only I could win the lottery and be a stay home mom, life would be perfect. I also needed to make play-dates with friends and their babies. So it started with a visit from Akua and Baby J.

Meet Baby J. I can’t believe she’s 4-months old and I’m just meeting her now. It was so great to finally meet her and I should add, she’s a whopping 20-lbs. Holy crap.

It was definitely a long time coming. I haven’t seen Akua since my baby shower back in early May.

Auntie Akua & baby Lili.

Lili & Jordan.

After catching up and watching our babies bond it was time for both of us to part ways. We had dinner plans with my sister.

Aunt Tin feeding her and burping her.

Of course Scarlett wants some baby action.

Yes, it’s the same day. Lili just likes to pee through her pampers. Fortunately, I pack a ton of onisies just in case of these accidents.

Thursday was just a long day. We came home and Lili passed out. Friday was even busier. Lili and I got up early. I ran 3-miles and then got ready to head out. Lili and I were meeting Courtney & Ava at Drip (a coffee shop). It was my first time meeting Ava since she was born and the first time I was seeing Courtney since our last group run. Oh, no wait.. I lie. I had lunch with her the week her water broke. Whoops.

We decided to go back to Courtney’s house so that we could catch up some more. I’m glad we did because we got to talk and compare notes and spend some good quality time together.

Meet Ava Lynn. Ava and Lili are born two weeks apart and both share the same sign, Cancer.

Our future runners and best friends. How cute.

And yes, her cousin Scarlett got to see her three days in a row. She is really loving her these days.

Lili was all ZzzZz’s after a fun-filled three-days with friends. Seriously, the first night we almost had 5-hours straight of sleep with one wake-up feeding, followed by 3-hours. The next day it was 4-hours straight with a break and 3-hours after. Hopefully this is the start of a good sleep/wake pattern. Or so I hope for my sake at least. It’s time for me to adjust to a full-time working mom schedule (insert sad face). Sigh.


3 thoughts on “Playdates

    • No, I definitely want a playdate!!! When are you free? Unfortunately, I am back at work, but I do get out of work early on Fridays (usually). Do you want to try to schedule something on a Friday? Perhaps this Friday?

  1. Aw! Adorable pics! Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun. I cannot believe how fast time flies…it doesn’t seem like Baby Jordan was born 4 months ago! Oh, and she weighs the same as Cayden at 10 months! LOL

    Enjoy the playdates to come and so glad you got to catch up with your friends and their babies. πŸ™‚

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