6:45 AM: 3-Mile Run (w/ some walks) – COMPLETED

I’ve been missing in action the last few days, if you haven’t noticed. I know I have very few readers, so I’m sure it wasn’t a huge deal. I developed my third fever in a two-week span last Thursday after spending the entire day with my parents. All I remember is coming home, feeling terrible stomach issues and having this achy feeling in my entire body. I had plans with my girlfriend, Rachel, and initially was sticking to those plans. After an hour of laying on the couch, I new I had to cancel. Shortly after, I take my temperature and sure enough I have a fever. I take some Tylenol and decide that I have to call my doctor immediately the next morning.

I wake up Friday morning, still feeling ill. I take my temperature and my fever is back up. Fortunately, my doctor was able to take me that morning. When I got there, my fever was down. He did an exam but didn’t see anything wrong, so they did some blood work. I should be hearing from them today. When I got home from my doctor, P and I ate, fed Lili and then did some playtime/tummy time with her. After some playtime and another feeding, Lili and I took a two-hour nap. When we both woke up, I felt really off again. I asked Pedro to get the thermometer, and sure enough, another fever. So I took Tylenol and I’m going to call my OB/GYN in a few minutes. Two hours later, I felt like a new person. I was able to cook dinner and eat just fine. Hopefully it’s nothing serious because the rest of the weekend, I felt just fine.

I did take off from workouts up until Saturday and yesterday was my first day back to running. It felt good to be physical again after three days off. We’ll see how the results turn out.

I have a lot of catching up since I’ve been away, so I’ll be posting often. On Wednesday, Lili had a busy evening with visitors. First, we had my boss, Pam, from the law firm. I hadn’t seen her since a week before I left the office. She was on vacation, so it was definitely great to see her. She was excited to meet Lili. She was also extremely comforting with the subject of my return to the office. I’m so bummed that this is my last week off. It’s just so soon. Every time I look at Lili, I get that lump in my throat and I can feel my eyes welling up. Oy. It’s going to be hard, I know it. In any event, Pam told me to take the time I need and if I’m not ready, then wait it out. Also, I can adjust my work schedule — come in early, leave early, or work part-time. So we’ll see how things pan out.


Of course, she came bearing gifts. A cute outfit for Lili and some healthy food for me.


Thanks Pam.

An hour later, we had another visitor, Evelyn. Evelyn and I have known each other since the second grade. I remember when she had to move away in 6th grade and boy was I sad. We grew apart, and then reunited years and years later through a mutual friend. It really is a small world and I’m glad to have her back in my life.


Evelyn is a pro with babies. Her sister just had two, and both are just a few months apart.


Thanks Evelyn.

It was a long day, but fun.

Okay, I need to call some doctors and start my day. I’m also trying to get a play-date with Baby Jordan.

Happy Monday.

5 thoughts on “M.I.A.

  1. Awww I’m so sorry you werent feeling well. Something is going around. 2 weeks ago I was sick with my tummy for a week and now a few people at my job are coming down with it 😦 I hope you start to feeling better sweetheart.
    Awwww those pictures and that little dress…Absolutely adorable!!!!!!!

    Oh I forgot to tell ya. So I saw my Dr 2 weeks ago, and seem to have a few bumps in the road TTC. I’m about to start Clomid and Prometrium (fertility meds and Progesterone Pills) I’m a little scared but excited to finally figure out why I wasnt getting pregnant….I’m hoping august will bless me 🙂

  2. Hey there! I hope everything is ok and you are feeling better. How weird to have so many fevers and to be feeling bad! I do hope everything is resolved and keep us posted on your results!

    Looks like Lili had lots of great visitors and lots of great gifts. Very sweet!

    Your boss sounds so nice! How great of her to offer all of that. I would love to be able to work part-time. Then, you have some income but still get to spend lots of time at home with your baby! Unfortunately, my job just doesn’t provide for that but I sure wish it would! You may decide that is a great option for you and how great that your boss is giving you so much flexibility!

    Have a great day! XOXO

  3. That’s terrible! I’m glad you feel better.

    I’m so sorry this is your last week. Many of my friends just went through the same situation and all I can say is that it does get better (obviously, I don’t know first hand, but that’s what they all said). Sounds like your boss is understanding so that is great.

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