Room Full of Monkeys

10:00 AM: 1-Mile Run Warm-Up – COMPLETED

10:30 AM: TA Post-Pregnancy Workout – COMPLETED

Yesterday was the first day I took Lili out alone. If you didn’t know yet, I’m married to the most paranoid man alive. No, really… it took me nearly half an hour to leave the house because Pedro had to assess the baby’s car seat and make sure it was okay. He needed to readjust the straps, then when we put her in, he didn’t feel she was comfortable, so we had to take her out and do another adjustment. Then I had to do some practice tests for him. He even “suggested” I take the manual with me. Oy… I used to be the one that worried in this marriage and now the tables have turned. I’m the one always calming him down and reassuring him that Lili is just fine. Poor Lili. She will have to deal with this for 18 more years.

Anyhow, Lili and I visited my part-time job office so she could meet the gang. They have been asking me to stop by for the last two weeks, but I never had a chance to get over there. I’ve been working for this office for 13-years and they’re like family to me.

Here’s my boss and I at my baby shower. I was straight out of high school when I started working for her. I even babysat her two kids (that are now all grown up; one graduating high school and another in college), attended both of their Bat Mitzvahs, and now I have my own baby.


It was fun to see everyone and even though Lili slept most of the time, they were so happy to see her. Doc gave her the most beautiful gifts.


The basket is just too cute and I love monkeys.




Both the monkey and banana are actual rattles.



She also gave her a beautiful dress.


Thanks so much for the gifts, Doc. After opening and playing with her gifts, and some much needed tummy time and roll overs, Lili was exhausted. Just take a look at this face.



Alright, I need to hit the showers and of course laundry’s calling my name. I need to get a load in before this lil’ monkey wakes up.


2 thoughts on “Room Full of Monkeys

  1. Pedro is too funny! I mean, I am totally paranoid but he takes the prize! I wonder if he will loosen up as Lili gets older? It will be interesting to see….

    What adorable gifts! The monkeys are so cute! Your boss is very sweet. Lili looked like she had a fun time and it wore her out. Her fist on her chin is just too precious!!

    I hope you got your laundry in before Lili woke up…funny how we have to time everything for before they wake up. LOL

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