While She Naps

8:05 AM: 2-Mile Walk (4-incline @ 3.5 speed: 40-minutes) – COMPLETED

Today is my 4-week post-pregnancy visit with the OB/GYN. Usually it’s scheduled at 6-weeks, but my OB told me to schedule at 4 if I want to get the “okay” to run. Honestly, I think I could have started two weeks ago (slow run/walk), but I followed instructions this time. At least I have been keeping up with walking so I can build up my strength to my normal speed and then faster.

I wanted to get up much earlier to get this walk in since it’s going to be a crazy day, but Lili-Bear came to bed at 4:00. Well, actually I saw Pedro rocking her in the hallway and I told him I would take over. He said that she was asleep but was just acting spoiled and wanted to be held. So he told me to lay down in bed so I could hold her. I did just that and 20-minutes later, he took her out of my arms and put her in her bassinet. I quickly drifted back to sleep and we woke up at 6.

Anyway, Lili had some company yesterday. Scarlett came to visit her and at first, she was not happy to see her. Lili went down for a nap and the rest of us went to the dining room to eat dinner. After Scarlett was done with dinner, I went into the kitchen and peeked over to check on Lili and I saw Scarlett looking over the crib to check out the goods. It was cute.



After Scarlett started playing with Lili’s mobile roughly, I took her into Lili’s room to get some other toys. She was more fascinated with Lili’s jungle gym/tummy time.


And then we thought it would be a fun idea to bring Lili on the mat with her.





Scarlett asked if she could hold Lili, so we gave it a try.


Scarlett is definitely opening up to her little cousin, but it’s really when she’s in the mood. After they left, we fed her, then she stayed up for a bit, and then fed her again. Her 10:30 feeding done did it to both her and I. We were exhausted.


I don’t even remember Pedro taking this picture, or taking her off of me. I don’t even remember relocating into our bedroom. It’s so comfortable sleeping with her.

Anyway, I need to finish my coffee, wake up Lili, feed her, change her, shower and head out. I wonder if I can do this in an hour. I’ll keep you posted on the appointment and respond to your comments this evening.

Happy Hump Day.


9 thoughts on “While She Naps

  1. Aw! How cute that Scarlett came to visit Lili. They are very adorable together. Scarlett will continue to warm up to Lili. It is hard for them when the little ones are too tiny to play.

    I agree–it is so comfy sleeping with our little ones. I still love it! So does Cayden…I think that is why he is not a fan of his crib. LOL

    Great pics and the last one of you and Lili is just perfect. Mommy and baby, happily sleeping away.

    Hope your appointment goes well! Take care! XOXO

    • I know! Scarlett has her moods. Obviously, she’s used to being the baby and the center of attention, so when it’s being taken away from her, she gets angry. But she’s definitely warming up to her.

      How is it going with Cayden and the crib? I’m going to have to check in on your LS diary. Yesterday was just a crazy busy day. Today, I hope to have more time.

      Miss you.

      • LOL The crib….well, it depends on the night. He did great a few nights ago, not so well the last two nights. He spent time in his swing and in our bed. We’ll get there eventually. πŸ™‚

  2. those pics of scarlett and Lili are adorable!

    Hope the doc appointment went well. πŸ™‚ I love all the great pics you take.


    • I’m glad that Scarlett will not have someone to play with, well, when Lili is at the right age. I think they’re going to be best friends.

      Email me updates on the whole dating scene. I need something good to read while Lili naps.

    • Can you believe how big Scarlett is now? She’s actually bigger for her age. People think she’s 3-4 years old but when they hear her talk, they realize she’s a lot younger.

      How is Abby doing?

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