Walking my Way Up to a Run

9:30 AM: 40-Minute Walk (2.2-Mile) – COMPLETED

Just two more days till I get cleared to run. The last time I ran was the day I was induced. I was exactly 40-weeks pregnant. I’m looking forward to getting back out there. It’ll definitely feel strange at first. For one, I’ve been running with the bun since October. Although I’ll miss my favorite running partner, I won’t miss the pee breaks and the extra added weight I had to run with. I will miss the excuse that I used, “I am running slow because, well, I’m (insert months) pregnant!” I won’t miss the other excuse, “I’m not fat, I’m pregnant!”

On a happy note, I’m 4-lbs away from pre-pregnant weight and 9-11 lbs. over my training/racing weight. I can’t complain. Other than feeling a little tired from waking up a lot with Lili crying, I feel pretty good.

I decided to read the new book I bought before I went into the hospital.


I got through two chapters, however, I had to stop at mile 1 because Lili was fussy. I rocked her a bit in her rocker/sleeper and then hopped back on.


So far it’s pretty good. I might skip over to read the Pregnant/Post-Pregnancy chapter.

Anyhow, we have a busy week coming up. We’re having lunch with my in-laws at 2, then tomorrow I have to stop by my part-time job office so they can see Lili followed by my sis and fam coming over. Wednesday is my OB appointment, Thursday we have a free day, but Pedro’s SIL may stop by and Friday is a special day. It’s Lili’s one-month birthday. So we’re going to have a picnic in the park. Busy, right?

Okay, Lili-bear is ready to eat. She is always so hungry.


5 thoughts on “Walking my Way Up to a Run

    • It’s 4-lbs, BUT I still have to tighten up the mid/lower abs… Oh, do I have work to do. I’m thinking lots of fartleks, intervals and a bit of core and plyometrics!!!

      • I’m sure you still look fabulous. 🙂

        I’m so glad you blog. Sorry I’ve been so bad at keeping you updated lately. The long story sort is lots of business, not much of substance! Oh no! But having a fun summer. I had a great 20 mile run last weekend, hit my target pace *exactly* with a faster second half (my pace goal was only 10:07, but still hit it on the nose) and over 1100 feet of hills! yikes!
        I’ll think of you when I”m running the miles away. Tuesdays are usually my speed work and Thursdays are usually my tempo runs. You can be my inspiration to keep going when it gets hard.

    • It was hard work even though my husband says for me it wasn’t since I love running. I think once you decide to have a baby, you’ll be hardcore running still. Believe me, my OB told me that pregnancy isn’t a disease and to live your life as normal as can be. So with that said, I totally see you running and racing while pregnant.

      Oh, I can’t wait to read that chapter. I think I am gonna skip right over to it. Which book did you like better? Barefoot Running or Kara Goucher’s book?

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