Baby Nap Times; Mama Catches Up Time

7:45 AM: 2-Mile Walk (Incline 5) – COMPLETED

Another hot day is ahead of us and boy does it make me happy to not be pregnant (or at least in the last trimester) during this hot, humid day and to have a treadmill in the comfort of my own home. I’m even happier that the treadmill is now in our living room. I can watch Lili from my treadmill.


Lili slept through my entire workout. I’m pretty sure that she’s accustomed to the sounds of my treadmill since I ran on this baby throughout winter/spring of my pregnancy. Since she was in my womb, this was her time to rest. It also explains why she falls asleep when you jog down our hallway with her. Boy, does she love that feeling.

Lili had a good night. She slept 3-hours straight and woke up at 6. I fed her, she napped, I pumped, hopped on the treadmill and here we are. I’m about to wake her up for another feeding. We don’t want her to nap too long throughout the day.


Time to bond.

Oh, on a quick sidenote, I am leaning towards signing up for the full marathon. I have my appointment with my OB next Wednesday, so once I get her okay to RUN and to sign up (which I am sure she will be all for it since she wanted me to sign up for a race in September), then I’ll register. Hopefully there will be openings still. Otherwise, it’s a sign that I shouldn’t. I’ll also take Kristy’s advice and back down to the half if I feel undertrained. Good thinking, Kristy.

Keep cool! It’s gonna be a blazing hot day.


3 thoughts on “Baby Nap Times; Mama Catches Up Time

    • Seriously, I think that’s the way to go. Now, wait, can I really drop down to the half from the marathon that easy or will I have to pay even extra?

  1. That is too funny that Lili falls asleep if you run with her down your hallway! Just goes to show what all that running did while you were pregnant. LOL Babies like noises like the treadmill makes–I read an article that said the sounds in the womb are about twice that of a regular vaccuum cleaner so they are used to those louder, constant noises. Plus, you ran on the treadmill all the time while pregnant so it is nothing new to her. I’m glad she let you get your work out in and slept well in her rocker. Also, she let you get some sleep last night which is wonderful!

    Super cute pics of Lili and of both of you together. You are both beautiful!

    Have a wonderful day and don’t melt. I’m tired of summer…I don’t like hot weather anyway but I am really tired of our super-hot days. At least we aren’t over 100 anymore. I hope you get cooler soon.

    Take care! And, I agree you should sign up for the full once you get cleared from your doctor. 🙂

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