Amazing Friends

9:30 AM: 30-Minute Walk – PENDING COMPLETED

Lili is trying to nap, but she’s not quite there. I have her in her rocker/sleeper and slowly she’s getting tired. It was definitely a rough night. She was pretty much up from midnight until 3:30. It wasn’t until 3:30 where I had to put her on my chest to fall asleep. She ended up in bed with us. The last few nights she’s been a good girl in her bassinet, but last night, she just could not get to sleep. She did sleep till 6:30 and I woke up with her (I had about 4-5 hours of sleep total, although it was interrupted sleep). I fed her, pumped, changed her dirty diaper, gave her a bath, dressed her for the day, read her a book, and fed her again. So, that all took a total of 2.5 hours.

Anyway, I didn’t get much done yesterday since I met Courtney for lunch. She is due any day now with Baby Ava. So exciting. If she doesn’t go this Sunday, we’re heading to Emma’s bridal shower together. Getting back to lunch with Courtney, well, it ended up taking me 40-minutes to get to where she works. We sat for an hour, then I left to pick up Pedro some lunch at Qdoba. So, I left the house at noon and didn’t get home till almost 3. I so missed being away from Lili. At the very end of our lunch date, Pedro sent me a picture of her and I almost cried. Oh, what will I do when it’s time to go back to work in just a month?!?

I have a few things to get through today — the food shopping, picking up my paycheck and cleaning up. Pedro’s parents are coming by to see the baby, then tomorrow it’s my girlfriend and Saturday she has her newborn photo shoot. Pedro’s sister-in-law may stop by to see the baby also. Then Sunday it’s the bridal shower. So many things to do. I am excited for her pictures to be taken. I want to send out Birth Announcements asap.

On an unrelated note, I have to say that we are filled with so many wonderful friends. Lili is just two weeks and 1-day old and boy, oh boy, is this little girl so spoiled.


From Aunt Allie, Uncle Justin and baby Cayden. How adorable. I love all the colors and Pedro is so thankful.




From Christy, who just had a baby boy, Jaden. She’s also my hairdresser.


From Aunt Jacquie and Uncle Sean.


From Aunt Deedra & Family!!!




We are blessed with amazing friends and family! Lili wants to dedicate today’s post to each of you. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Amazing Friends

  1. Sorry you had a rough night. I can totally relate since Cayden STILL does not sleep much! LOL We were up a lot of last night too. I am working on transitioning him to the crib. Well, I say I am but more often that not, he is in bed with us. I know people say that’s a bad habit but he is just so happy there! And, ok, so am I. LOL I resolve to work harder to get him into his crib. Lili, though, is just little and she will get to where she sleeps better. The first few months are hard but it does get easier.

    Glad you enjoyed lunch with Courtney but I am sure it was hard being away from Lili. I still HATE being away from Cayden. Going back to work will be HARD but you can do it. It helps to be busy at work so hopefully that will happen so you don’t dwell on the fact that you are away from her.

    Anyway, so glad you liked the clothes for Lili! I just thought those were so cute, I couldn’t resist. I actually have another gift for her but I haven’t made it to the post office. I have something for you and Pedro too but I am slow getting it out to you. I will get it sent, though!

    Super-cute gifts from your other friends! Lili has a lot of people showering her with love and gifts!!!

    Have a lovely day and give Lili a kiss for us. Hope she lets you get some sleep….

    • I actually thought of you this morning when Lili got up at 4. I mean, sure in a month, this will be my new routine. Get up at 4, feed Lili, put her down (hopefully) and work out. But today, I wanted to go back to sleep. LOL Unfortunately, Lili was not having it. She was just so restless and NOT having a good morning. Even now, she’s taking a nap, but she keeps whimpering like she’s going to let out a LOUD cry. Oh, and Lili did NOT want to sleep in her bassinet last night (which I was fine with. LOL, I wanted to sleep in bed with her).

      You are too nice with the gifts!!! I love getting packages. You must know me too well.

      Okay, I am sure you’re thrilled it’s FRIDAY. Now you can hang out with Cayden and the pups (and of course Justin, too) all weekend long!!!! Happy Friday!

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