Post-Pregnancy Exercise

7:45 AM: 30-Minute Walk (1.6-miles) – COMPLETED

8:20 AM: Upper Body Weights – COMPLETED

I decided yesterday that I wanted to start walking on the treadmill. Pedro has been very, “Oh, no… your Doctor said you have to wait till your next appointment.” Even though we clarified with her that she meant “running” and she stressed that walking is very good to do when I’m up for it and she even recommends it to her patients that have had c-sections. I did more research on this topic and according to Baby Center.

How soon after delivery can I start exercising?

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists says it’s okay to gradually resume exercising when you feel up to it. But your doctor or midwife may ask you to wait until your six-week postpartum checkup so she can see how you’re doing first.

Generally, if you exercised throughout your pregnancy and had a normal vaginal delivery, you can safely perform your pregnancy workout — or at least light exercise, such as walking, modified push-ups, and stretching — within days of giving birth. After your first postpartum week, a slow to moderate 30-minute walk three times a week is fine. As you regain strength, you can increase the length or number of walks.

If you had a c-section, expect to wait about six to eight weeks to exercise. However, walking at an easy pace is encouraged because it promotes healing and helps prevent complications such as blood clots.

If you weren’t active during your pregnancy, or tapered off your fitness routine as the weeks went on, start slow and check with your doctor or midwife before you begin exercising.

In any case, remember that your joints and ligaments will still be loose for about three to five months, so watch your step to avoid spills. If you want to take an exercise class, try to find one taught by a postpartum exercise specialist or go for a low-impact class focused on toning and stretching. Many YMCAs, recreation centers, gyms, and yoga studios offer exercise classes for new moms.

Exercise is good for you, but in the first few months after you give birth, don’t overdo it. Your body needs time to heal, and you need time to adjust to your new role and to care for and bond with your baby.

Do I need to be careful of my abdominal muscles?

Most women develop a gap in their abdominal muscles as their belly expands during pregnancy and labor. It takes approximately four to eight weeks after giving birth for this gap to close.

If you start doing abdominal exercises before the gap closes, you risk injuring those muscles — so make sure your belly is ready before you start:

• Lie flat on your back with your knees bent.

• Place the fingers of your left hand, palm facing you, just above your belly button. Place your right hand on your upper thigh.

• Inhale, then exhale. As you exhale, lift your head and shoulders off the floor and slide your right hand up your thigh toward your knee. This will make your abdominal muscles tighten, and you should be able to feel the gap where the muscles have separated.

If the gap is three or more finger widths, you can gently begin to strengthen your abdominal muscles with pelvic tilts and leg slides. Once the gap narrows to only one or two finger widths, you can start doing crunches or sit-ups.

It’s been 2-weeks since Lili’s been born, well at 2:03 PM. In any event, I woke up at 3 to give Lili a feeding. Then she woke up again at 6 for a feeding and then I rocked her to sleep. I put her in her rocker/sleeper and decided to get on the treadmill for half an hour. I took it nice and slow. When I was done, she was still asleep so I did 15-minutes of arms.


So, two weeks post pregnancy.



I have about 6-lbs to lose to get to my pre-pregnancy weight, but ideally 11-lbs. to be at my training weight. I am considering running either the Philly Half or Full marathon in November, depending on when training starts. I’ll have to check my calendar.

Today I have errands to run outside of the house. They include food shopping, Babies ‘R Us and post office. Then I have a ton of cleaning to do since we have a full week of guests coming. In-laws are stopping tomorrow, girlfriend for lunch on Friday and Lili is hopefully having newborn pics taken on Saturday. So exciting. I want to get Birth Announcements out.

Okay, it’s already 10 and I need to get my day started… The joys of Motherhood.


4 thoughts on “Post-Pregnancy Exercise

  1. Eeeeek! So excited you are considering the Philly half or full!!! I’m signed up for the full but will probably drop to the half!

    Again, you look amazing!

    • Oooh, I didn’t know you were signed up for the full. Is it easy to drop to the half if need be? I have to actually see if it’s even open — It might be full already since people decide to do the Philly marathon if they don’t get into NYC.

      THANKS so much. I’ll need the motivation when it’s time to kick into training. I’ll be making frequent stops on your blog for that one.

  2. Hey there! Glad you are feeling up to getting some exercise in. Sadly, I had to wait until 6 weeks post-partum to do anything but walk since I had a c-section. I was able to jump back in pretty quickly after that, though. Just take it easy and listen to your body. You should have no problems at all.

    Hope your errands go well today and Happy 2-week birthday to Lili!

    You look wonderful and you will be under your pre-preg weight in no time at all. 🙂

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