A Rainy Sunday

Lili has been off with her sleep schedule and last night, it was a rough one. She had the runs, and it was definitely because of something I ate. I know that because my stomach was queasy first. Then she got the end of it later that day when I fed her. Oh, I felt so bad. You could tell she was exhausted but she couldn’t get some sleep. Also, every time she would poop, I’d take her to the bathroom sink to wash her bum. She’s been getting this diaper rash even with the ointments we’ve been using and my parents suggested taking her to the sink to wash her bum. So, yes, all night it was me taking her to the sink to get a good clean. My poor baby.



By midnight, we decided to give her supplemental forumal and give the breast feeding a break since I know it was causing her discomfort. I pumped this morning though, after reading that after 6-hours, I should be good to go. But, we’re still feeding her supplemental formula just to get her tummy back in order.


Here’s what her face looked like all night long… You can tell she was not feeling well. I was so sad for her. She finally went down at 1:15 and Pedro was exhausted. She woke up at 4:45 and I gave her a feeding. She went back down at 5:45 and we both slept until 7:45. I was so tired, but she was hungry again.

Yesterday afternoon, we stopped at my parents’ house because Pedro was concerned about the stump on her belly button. He didn’t think it looked normal, so I told him we’d have my mom take a look at it. My mom cleaned it up and told us how to care for it and then we were on our way home. Today, we have Pedro’s parents coming by for lunch.

On another note, I wanted to post my 10-day post-pregnancy bump.


Still no running until after July 20 when I get cleared. I did leave the house for the first time yesterday — and not including having to take Lili to the doctor’s office. It was my first time driving and not being pregnant since September. Crazy, right? I stopped at the mall, met friend #1, then stopped at my other friend’s house (same good friend I work with) and then home. My girlfriend wanted to hear the whole labor and delivery story, so I told her and her husband all the details.

Did I tell you that I’m ready for baby #2? I know, I know. Pedro told me, “We just had one!!!” HA. I’m not planning any time soon — unless if you count a year from now too early.

Okay, must get ready for in-laws to come over.


3 thoughts on “A Rainy Sunday

  1. You crack me up! You look wonderful!

    So sorry Lili wasn’t feeling well (and you too). That happens sometimes and after a while, you figure out what you can and can’t eat. I hope you are both doing well now!

    Ready for baby #2 already?!?! 🙂 You did such an awesome job with number one, I’m not surprised!

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