A Shoot to Remember

In May, I had a maternity photo shoot that my girlfriend paid for in full as one of her shower gifts. I’m glad that she gave me this gift because it was really fun and exciting for me. I’ve never had professional pictures taken, so I was definitely nervous. I’m not a good when it comes to taking pictures, but the photographer is amazing. Here are a few samples — I know I gave some of you the site to look at — but in case I didn’t, here’s how they turned out (Some are a little too racy to show). I was two days shy of 35-weeks in my pregnancy.

Copyright Deanna Ryan 2011









I ordered a bunch and we have them hanging in Lili’s nursery, hallway, bedroom and bathroom. I know, bathroom? Well, some of them were a bit on the showy side — didn’t want to post them on here. I am happy with the way they turned out and I can’t wait for her to do Lili’s newborn pictures.

Anyhow, today is also Lili’s one-week birthday. I know, I know… One week? Do we really celebrate these days? It’s amazing how in my maternity pictures, Lili is in my belly. And now… I get to sleep with her.


I am so in love…


8 thoughts on “A Shoot to Remember

    • Thank you! It’s weird to think that she came out of my — uh — you know. Not to mention, she actually weighs less now than when she was born and I’m still like, “HUH? You fit inside of me? How uncomfortable!” ;op

  1. As you know, those maternity photos are AWESOME! You look AMAZING! So glad you have them hanging in your house.

    That picture of you and Lili brought tears to my eyes. So incredibly sweet!!!

    • I bet you have had so many nights with Cayden sleeping on your chest? Those moments are sooooo precious. I could sleep with her all day and night in that position, but then I get paranoid that I’ll fall asleep and she’ll fall off and get hurt. So, when I am super tired, Pedro takes her off of me.

      Yes, we found great places for the pictures. You’ll just have to see where they’re hanging when you come next November. Unless we find a new house to move into. I doubt it though. We’ll probably move in, more like, 3-years. Have to start saving first. ;o)

      • Yes I have! Cayden is a little squiggly for it now though. He likes to sleep right next to me with me curled around him, though. I just love it but if I am really, really tired I won’t because I don’t want anything to happen. We take a lot of precautions so he doesn’t get hurt. A friend of mine co-slept with both of her kids until they were 2 and they were very happy with it.

        I will have to see your pictures! It will be fun to see your house in person rather than in photos. 🙂 It is easier to move when you have some savings…our problem is the market is so bad here for selling right now and we wouldn’t want to take a loss. We like our house but would like an extra room and a bigger garage. Maybe in a year or two….

      • The first few days, we would let Lili sleep in her bassinet, and if she woke up at 1-2 for a feeding, I’d let her come and sleep next to me. Every night I want her to come and sleep with me, but Pedro’s been putting her down later at night and in her bassinet. By the time she wakes up, I don’t go back to bed. I agree with you — if you’re really, really tired, then it’s probably not best to have him sleep with you. I do that sometimes… let her sleep on my chest, and then I get into a deep, deep sleep and tell Pedro to take her into her bassinet. I get nervous that I won’t realize she’ll fall on the floor.

        You know, I don’t even want to move too far. I actually want to move to the next town over. Then eventually, maybe move to where my running group is located. We just really need to get our savings down. We have one ready for Lili — just waiting for her social security #. By the time our little ones are in college — forget about it. It’s going to cost a fortune.

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