The Big Push

I’ve been wanting to write this post for days, but after giving birth and trying to adjust to motherhood, well, it’s definitely what they say… hard at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s the best thing ever. I couldn’t agree more. I’m so in love with my baby girl. It’s crazy that for 8+ months I thought we were having a baby boy. It wasn’t until the end of pregnancy that I thought it might be a girl. We are blessed to have such a beautiful and healthy baby in our new family.

Now, getting down to the actual labor and Liliana entering Planet Earth (as my grandfather, now Lili’s great grandfather says), I’d like to share my story with you. As most of you know, I was scheduled to get induced the evening I was 40-weeks pregnant, Tuesday, June 21st. Pedro and I found out the day before and with that news, we were running around like crazy the last two days preparing for the arrival of the latest addition to our family. We decided that the easiest way to handle this was by separating the errands and running them on our own. It worked out well. We both met back at the house a little after 2 and Pedro was finishing up some last minute things. I still had to bake and pack the last few things into our hospital bag.

By 6, Pedro was getting ready. Did I tell you we both decided he should cut his hair?


It’s a lot of hair, huh. You’ll see the end result later on. Anyway, at 6, I call the hospital to see what time I could go in. I was the first caller and they told me to come by 7:30. Good thing, because I still needed to eat. They told me to eat light, so I ate yogurt, strawberries and a piece of toast. It was my last meal until after giving birth. I was thinking of all these delicious meals to eat, but my OB told me not to eat anything that might come up. I’m good for that stuff, so I took it easy.

Pedro and I get to the hospital just in time and our nurse asked us if we could wait a few minutes so they can clean up the “biggest suite”. We were completely fine with that, and boy, was it worth the wait. We had the biggest room on that floor. By this point, it was after 8. I had to change into my gown and our nurse asked us 20 questions.



When she finished, she began procedure #1, inserting the cervidil. I wasn’t allowed to get up and pee for 2 hours and no eating/drinking, just ice chips. She also suggested getting the ambien to fall asleep, and I did not refuse it. I was able to at least get 5 good hours of sleep. I had to pee a few times, but Pedro was able to figure out how to unplug everything and would walk me to the bathroom. I felt bad that I had to wake him up at 6 to walk me to the bathroom.

My nurse came into the room at 6:30 and talked to me about the next step. She also introduced my morning nurse – who happens to be best friends with her. She was just as nice as my night time nurse, so I was happy. She removed the cervidil and started the pitocin IV. Dr. Chou came by around 8 to check on me. She checked to see how many cm I was at this point — I was at a full 3 cm. Then she broke my water. It was a little uncomfortable, but when is having a baby ever comfortable. My main concern was not being able to get fully dilated, being in labor for so many hours and then finding out I would need to have a c-section. But my doc told me that it looked like I would deliver in a few hours and that I was officially in labor. They reminded me of getting the epidural — and now that I’m at 3 cm, I can get it immediately. I wanted to wait it out for a bit — My nurse said that it she would come back in every half hour to increase the pitocin.

I started feeling the contractions, but was doing some good deep breathing techniques. I was also very tired, so continued napping. My nurse came in to up the pitocin and she was telling us that the baby was really getting ready to come out. My contractions were so close together. After an hour, I was really feeling the contractions — It was time for me to get an epidural. I tried holding off, but just couldn’t. Pedro told me now is not the time to be strong, to just take the epidural. So, I told him I’d wait until the nurse came back in. When she did, I first suggested the exercise ball, but she said, “are you sure you just don’t want the epidural?” So I said okay. Fifteen minutes later, the nurse came back with the doctor to give me my epidural. I had to wait for 4 contractions until he could give it to me. I was in pain. As soon as he gave me the epidural, I was tired. She also told Pedro that if he wanted to eat something, now would be the best time. I let him go with his family while I stayed and tried to take a nap.

A few minutes later, I started to feel the contractions even harder. I also started to feel pressure below, so when the nurse came in around noon, she said she wanted to check me. She said I was at a full 9 cm and that she was calling the doctor now. She told me to call Pedro to come back up as I was going to start pushing any minute. I couldn’t believe that it was happening so fast. Seriously, from 9-12 I went from 3-9 cm. I called Pedro and he didn’t pick up. I finally tried a second time and he picked up. I told him I was at 9 cm and to come back to the room because the doctor was on her way. I tried to sleep a little longer.

By 1pm, I was fully dilated plus 2, and by 1:15 my doctor was in the building. She came in to check me and said she could already feel the baby’s head. Both the nurse and doctor were talking about how they know it’s a boy, and that she just delivered 7 girls this past Saturday so I had to be the one to break the streak. At this point, the nurse suggested doing practice pushes. So that’s what we did. We did one hard long push for 10-seconds, 3x. All I remember is feeling so dehydrated, so Pedro kept giving me ice-chips in between the pushes. I wasn’t screaming, just pushing… Finally my doctor came back in. She said that she could see the head. They changed my bed and put stirrups in. I was doing my last full pushes and then she said, “Okay, one more push and you’re done!” Pedro didn’t believe it until he saw the baby coming out. He said it was pretty amazing (and a little gross). The baby came out screaming and crying and the nurse and my doctor were like, “okay, what is it what is it??? IT’S A GIRL!!!” And they were just amazed — I was even shocked. They gave me my baby baby girl to put on my chest.


When they took the baby away from me, I was still being stitched up. Pedro gives me a kiss and says, “Are you okay?” I say, “yes” and he says, “Okay, I’m going to go with the baby now.” And just like that, I became his second girl. HA. I joked about it to the nurse and doctors that were in the room and they all chuckled. I just sat there getting sewn up like it was an ordinary day. I asked if I was getting an episiotomy and she said, no. I only had one long tear and that was it. Honestly, I felt fine. After we were all done, we hung out for a minute. I asked her if it was Friday that I was discharged and she said yes. I asked her if I could go home tomorrow and she asked me if I wanted to go home and I said yes, so she said, sure. She would come in tomorrow to check on me and then release me.


We had family come in after and until the end of the evening. Pedro and I didn’t want the baby to go into the nursery, and yeah, we paid for it because Liliana did not want to sleep. But, we were happy to have her with us. The next morning, my doctor came in. She was cracking up when she saw Pedro in the hospital bed with Lili and me on the opened lounge chair sleeping. It’s a story for another day.


My OB didn’t even examine me. She made herself comfortable an all we talked about was running for a good hour. We turned away a few nurses that came in to check on me — and as they walked in, they all laughed at how the mother that delivered was on a chair while her husband was on the hospital bed. We had to wait until after 2pm to be discharged. Lili needed to have her PKU, and then we were able to take her home.

Overall, this pregnancy was a perfect 40-weeks plus 1-day and the delivery was not bad at all. Five hours in labor, 15-minutes of pushing and a precious baby girl to complete our family. Life is good.


10 thoughts on “The Big Push

  1. That is a dream labor and delivery compared to some of my friends (who were also induced). I’m so glad everything went smoothly. Can’t wait to see some more pics of Lili! She is precious!

    • Thanks, Kristy. I need to catch up on your trainings! BTW, I think that running throughout pregnancy totally helped out with the labor. I am pretty sure I could get out there next week and run, but I’ll listen to my doctor and take the 4-weeks off.

      Now, breastfeeding — that’s another story. I don’t even want to get into that…

  2. I’m soooo thrilled you had an easy and wonderful labor and delivery :)Yay so glad you are able to post another blog, because I know you have so much going on mentally and physically 🙂
    Wow like the previous poster said you were so lucky 🙂 My sister had to push 3 hours with her first son and then they had to use the vacuum,which she wasnt happy about to get him out the rest of the way. She just couldnt seem to push enough and he was only 6 lbs 4oz. She is absolute beautiful and I’m so glad to hear everyone is doing good. I cant wait to hear more and see more photos. Rachel you looked so beautiful after the delivery…Chewy sends his doggie love 😛

    • Wow Rachel! What a wonderful delivery story! I am so happy it all went so well and you were feeling so good. Your pregnancy, labor and delivery is what we all hope for! I am so thrilled it went so perfectly for you and that you now have your perfect little Lili.

      Please do take the 4 weeks off. I know you are feeling great and that’s wonderful but a lot happened inside you and you don’t want to cause yourself any pain! I know you and I know how hard it is to stay off that treadmill but stay off! LOL You can do it! 🙂

      Ok, in all seriousness, I am so impressed by you. You did so wonderfully all through your pregnancy and you were rewarded in spades. So excited for you, Pedro and your whole family! By the way, Pedro looks great with his short hair! He should keep it that way.

      I want to hear the story about why Pedro was in the hospital bed and you guys were in the chair….

      I am really sorry breastfeeding is so rough. I told you what a nightmare it was for us the first two weeks. Again, I recommend “The Nursing Mother’s Companion” book–it saved us! And now, almost 9 months later, I am totally dreading having to stop breastfeeding at some point. I love it now but I sure didn’t those first few weeks. Hang in there and trust me, you guys will get it.

      Have a lovely, lovely day and let me know if you need anything. I am happy to listen if you need to vent or have any questions or if I can help in any way at all.

      Take care and your little Lili is just beautiful! I am so happy for you!!! Enjoy mommyhood, especially these first few weeks while you are at home with her. They go by so fast! It is just so great to spend every moment with your baby, isn’t it?

      Love to you all!!!

      • Allie – Don’t you worry. I am definitely taking those 4-weeks off. I am still trying to adjust to the home front and baby Lili. Things are so unpredictable here; i.e. time she wakes up, feeding, pooping, etc. Then, when family wants to visit — it’s planning on her feeding, etc. So it’s definitely taking a toll and I need these 4-weeks to just chill back and spend it with the baby. My OB preaches on that — TAKE THE FOUR WEEKS OFF AND SPEND IT WITH FAMILY!!! Hey, you don’t have to tell me twice. And even when I get the clearnance to run, it will be on the treadmill so I can watch Lili —

        Thank you so much for all your recommendations on BF. I am going to give it a try again. I’ve been continuing to pump so that I don’t lose that milk. Is it normal for it not to be so much coming out the first week? The first time I got almost 3 oz. But now, I get anywhere from 1 1/2 to 2 oz, and Baby Lili needs at least 3 oz. I want to feed her because she needs it.

        It’s so crazy that the time went by so fast. I seriously feel like I was just emailing you that late October (or was it early November) about being pregnant. All I remember is that it happened around the time Cayden was born — Can’t wait till you come out to NYC so we can go out with our babies. November 2012 will be here by the time we know it. You should try to come around the NYC marathon. I’m running it that November. ;o) We’ll figure it out!

        Thanks again for everything!!!! You really are the best.

    • Hey Greta (and Chewy). Yes, I was very happy that the birth of Lili was nice and fast. I was very, very apprehensive that I would be in labor for so long — but more nervous about being in labor long AND then finding out that I would possibly need a c-section. Phew. Things worked out accordingly. I was more happy about how I felt post-pregnancy — just being able to not be in so much pain.

      In the end, the most important thing is Lili is happy and healthy and beautiful. ;o)

      Hope you and Andre are doing well! Keep me posted on things. ;o)

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