It’s Go Time: 40-Weeks Pregnant

5:30 AM: 3-Mile Run + .2 Walk- COMPLETED

First of all, thank you all for your well wishes and I apologize if I haven’t gotten back to you just yet. I am working on it. I just had an extremely busy day when we found out that I would be going to the hospital tonight. I think I freaked Pedro out because he immediately got out of bed and started his day. We did a lot, however, we still have just a few more things to get done. We also repacked our hospital bag.

I had a late evening, but if you know me well, I wanted to get ONE last run in before I go in. I was going to go to swim with Courtney, but I really, really wanted to run one last time. Who knows the next time I’ll be able to run. I’m sure it’ll go by fast, but yeah, it’s what I needed to do — and why so early? Well, I’m meeting Courtney for breakfast as I want to give her baby shower gift to her. I had every intention of attending, just as long as Baby S didn’t come, but now that s/he’s coming, I won’t be able to attend. I was happy that her gift came in, too. I promise to take pictures of her opening it up. So excited.

So, what’s on the agenda today? Errands, errands and more errands. No Baby Center, 40-week update. Basically, it’s Go Time. After I have breakfast with Courtney, stop at my parents, finish up the last of the laundry, eat lunch, do a bit of baking, take a nap, eat dinner, it’ll be time to call the hospital to see when I can get in. I hope that this goes smoothly. Well, I did ask Magic 8-Ball and it told me that, “All Sources Point to Yes”. Magic 8-Ball knows it all. Pedro has a bunch of errands on his own (Go to the bank, haircut, pick up a few things, put up my maternity pictures, break down boxes finish the lawn, and I think that’s about it). It’s going to be a busy day.

Here’s my 40-Week Bump.


In just a day, we get to meet him/her. I can’t believe it. I feel like it went by too fast. It’s really here.

I plan to blog from the hospital, so stay tuned. I have a breakfast with Courtney post, maternity photo shoot post and hopefully the delivery post. Can’t wait for Baby S to meet the world.

Just for fun… 5-weeks v. 40-weeks.


Amazing that our little miracle is in this belly of mine.

Okay, must head out to start my day. First on the list, breakfast with another very pregnant friend, Courtney. Updates later.


7 thoughts on “It’s Go Time: 40-Weeks Pregnant

    • THANK YOU, KRISTY!!! I’ll be catching up on your entries when I get to the hospital… if I’m not screaming bloody murder. HA.

  1. I just got tears in my eyes reading about all of your preparations and knowing you will be meeting your baby in just a few short hours. Ok, it will probably be early tomorrow morning but you know today will go by fast with everything you have to do. It is nice knowing when you are going in, though, so you can get all these things done. 🙂

    I am so proud of you for getting that last run in. Like I said on LS, you can officially say you worked out nearly EVERY DAY of your pregnancy! Plus, you ran many races and stayed fit and healthy all the way through. I am so impressed! Thanks for the comparison pictures from 5 weeks to 40 weeks. It is so fun to look at the difference! I know it is odd to think that your baby is in there, even when you see and feel the baby. It really is just such a miracle!

    Enjoy this last day of pregnancy and remember each and every feeling you have. The night before I delivered, I just layed in bed and enjoyed feeling Cayden kick and move around. I’m so glad I did because you will miss that feeling so much. You will love having your baby here but nothing beats the closeness you feel when you are pregnant. Take care of yourself and can’t wait to read your updates!

    Most of all GOOD LUCK, GOOD LUCK, GOOD LUCK! You will do wonderfully and soon will hold that sweet and healthy baby in your arms. You and Pedro will love being a mommy and a daddy!

  2. rachel! I am in suspense waiting for your update. I have been praying for you guys all day. So happy for you guys. XOXO

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