Another Week, Another (perhaps last) Update

5:45 AM: One-Hour Spin – COMPLETED

Okay, so I had my appointment this morning with the OB and was not expecting to hear this news. Here’s what I was expecting to hear. “Okay, so you’re due tomorrow. Let’s get you in for one more U/S and if you don’t go this week, we’ll induce you early next week.” Instead, I heard this come out of her mouth, “Okay, I think you’ll go soon. But, I think we should schedule you to be induced by tomorrow night for Wednesday morning. How does that sound?” WOAH… Okay, that took me by surprise. My mom will definitely be happy with this news as she said yesterday, “If you don’t give birth by tomorrow, get induced by tomorrow night!”

There’s nothing to be concerned about at all. All my stats are in order; my B/P is back to pre-pregnancy B/P (120/70), weight is same, baby’s heartbeat is nice and strong, head down, measuring well, etc. So we’re looking good. What I was fearful about? I think it was having to have a c-section. I want to avoid that and she reassured me that just because I get induced does not mean I will need to have a c-section. She just feels that there may not be enough room for baby to grow, so she wants me to get induced. I am full-term, so we’re on track.

Phew… she told me to call Pedro to let him know, but I said this to her, “Let me ask you this question? Do you feel that me getting induced is the best thing to happen?” Her answer, “Yes. I do think it is the best thing.” My response, “That’s all that matters and that’s all that he would care to know from you.” So that’s where we are.

What am I feeling? Anxious, but also, “Oh sh*t!#%#$ We need to finish up some last minute things before we head to the hospital tomorrow!!!!” At least the nursery is pretty much done.





When I got home from the doctor’s office, I had to tell Pedro what was going on. I knew he’d freak out no matter how I addressed the issue. He was still sleeping, but I kind of rubbed his shoulder. He asked how my appointment well and I proceeded to tell him that it went well. Then I added, “Okay, we’re going to the hospital tomorrow night to get induced and we should have Baby S on Wednesday!” Yeah, that woke him up immediately — first with lots of concerns — “Why? Is baby okay? Don’t lie to me!” After much discussion, we broke the news to family.

Wow, I can’t believe it’s almost here. I can’t wait!!!! For now, I better get some house work done. Maybe even one last mani/pedi…. Will keep you all posted.


11 thoughts on “Another Week, Another (perhaps last) Update

  1. Darling I’m sooooooooo excited for you, this is such great news 🙂 I know the process will go great for you and you will have such a beautiful baby in your arms in in just a few days 😛 I’m sending all of my best wishes to you, and will be thinking about you on Tuesday and Wednesday. Chewy sends his love and best wishes 🙂 bark bark bark…heheheh

    • Thank you so much, Greta. I’m so looking forward to meeting and then taking home our little bundle of joy. Please keep us in your prayers and keep the positive vibes going. We’re so excited. Give some rubs to Chewy. Hope you and Andre are doing well.

  2. Oh my gosh! I am so incredibly excited and thrilled for you and Pedro! There is nothing more amazing than having your baby and before you know it, you will be holding your sweet baby in your arms. I don’t even know how to explain that feeling…blissful happiness doesn’t come close!

    What a surprise to get at your appointment! I am guessing because you are so tiny that the baby is running out of room so your doctor wants to get you going before that happens. It can be dangerous if they stay in there too long. And, you will be 40 weeks tomorrow so you are good to go. Oh, I am just so excited! I got all teary-eyed when I got your text a little bit ago. It is really going to happen tomorrow night! I wish you a short and easy delivery and most of all, I wish you a healthy happy baby and a healthy happy mommy! I hope Pedro handles it all ok–Justin was amazing and I know Pedro will surprise you with his strength as you go through this miraculous event.

    The nursery looks absolutely fantastic–you did a lovely job on it. The baby is going to love his/her room! I can’t wait to see pictures of your baby in there.

    Ok, be sure to get some relaxation in today and try to get some sleep. It will be hard but you will want it. Call or text if you need anything I can provide from many states away. LOL Take care and I simply can’t wait to hear about Baby S’s arrival! If you can/want, please keep me updated through your stay and we will be thinking about you and praying for you guys. This is going to be the most incredible event of your lives! Well, ok, until baby #2 arrives. LOL

    Take care of yourself! Have a wonderful day!!

    • I knowwwwww.I seriously can’t believe that the time just flew by. You knew since almost day 1 and here I am… 9+ months later. I’m starting to get a little anxious and excited, but nervous for the pain. I’m sure that’s a natural feeling though. I promise that you’ll get that picture text of Baby Sanchez. Pedro said the biggest surprise is finding out if we’re having a boy or girl. Of course, we don’t care… either one, just as long as s/he’s happy and healthy is our main concern. But still… the anticipation leading up to this day… I can’t believe I didn’t go into labor on my own though — or that my water didn’t break. I guess the second time around I’ll be wondering when it’ll happen. HAHA

      And I know I’ve said this throughout my pregnancy, but thank you so much for your support and advice. Love ya.

      • I know–so exciting to find out if you will have a son or a daughter! I know you don’t care but it will be so fun to finally know! I am so impressed that you guys stuck to your guns and didn’t find out. That is really hard to do! 🙂

        I know it is frightening to think about actually having the baby and while I can’t speak to the full delivery process, I was in labor for a couple of hours with contractions and everything and it is bearable. Fun? No. Painful? Yes. But you can do it. You are in awesome shape and that will help. Plus, you will just want to see that baby and you will do ANYTHING to get your baby here safe and sound. You will do GREAT!

        You are so very welcome–I just hope I have helped a little. I hope I can keep giving you good advice as you enter the next phase–having a baby at home! Please feel free to contact me if you need anything at all or just need someone who understands what it is like. The first few days after the baby is born are incredible but also a bit …overwhelming and emotional. LOL

        Take care! Lots of love to you!

  3. *claps* your baby is coming soon! I’m checking constantly! Happy dances, it’s going to be so great. *Hugs* From colorado!!!

    • Thanks girlfriend!!! I know we were all hoping for a Gemini baby. HAHA. I had so many text messages this weekend on whether there were any updates… Hopefully everyone will get their update tomorrow at some point. I’ll def keep you posted.

  4. Oh HAppy Day! I finally mailed your package today. Now I should have waited since by the time you get it we’ll all know if you will have a boy or a girl. So exciting!

    No worries, I have been induced twice. No c-sections either! With Will we went it in the evening as well and they used cervidil and I didn’t even need pitocin to get things moving.

    507-420-5799 is my cell for a text update on Wednesday or whenever you are feeling motivated to spread the news!


    • D – I have your # stored in my phone. I’ll shoot you a text so you have my #. I’ll def be keeping in touch with you to let you know when Baby S makes his/her appearance. Pedro’s excited to see if it’s a boy or girl. I’m happy with either, just as long as s/he’s a happy and healthy baby!

    • OH, and thanks for your advice on getting induced. Every time I tell people I’m getting induced, they are concerned that something is wrong. I’m 40-weeks today. No complications or problems and hopefully it will stay that way. I have to tell you, I wouldn’t have minded being pregnant another week. It has definitely been a very pleasant pregnancy.

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