Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

6:50 AM: Weight Training (Upper & Lower Body) – COMPLETED

When I speak of sleep, I’m talking about the newborn baby that’s about to make a debut. Last night, I realized that this baby is going to have so many places to nap/sleep. I know, I know… newborns do three things: Sleep, Eat, & Poop. Fortunately, we have a year long supply of diapers, thanks to mom. Eating won’t be much of a problem either because we have a ton of formula, but also, I intend to breastfeed.

Sleep, however, well we’ve been given so many wonderful gifts for our precious baby to sleep in. My mom gave us our beautiful crib. However, other places for baby to stay in when s/he’s just a wee bit tiny will be in the following:

1. Bassinet: My sister gave this to us about a year and a half ago. I am pretty sure Pedro and I weren’t even married yet, but we knew eventually we’d have babies. Also, my sister doesn’t intend to have any more babies, so she gave this to beautiful bassinet to us that Scarlett used when she was first born. Of course, since it was in our closet, it was dusted and the cloth needed to be washed. It took my forever last night to put back together — I mean, at least 45-minutes and towards the end, Pedro came over to help me.

I’m glad I didn’t go postal on this because it really is a beautiful bassinet. A pro is that it rolls from room to room. Also, you can take off the Moses basket and put another piece on top to change the baby’s diapers. It also holds blankets on the bottom piece and diapers, powder, baby wipes, etc. We can use this bassinet until the baby gains 25 lbs.

2. Moses Basket: My wonderful boss of 13 years had this Moses basket stored away for two years! She knew eventually I was going to have a baby and had been stocking up on some things. She’s seriously like family.

Isn’t she a beauty? We’re contemplating keeping this one at my mom’s house because it’ll be easier to carry and secondly, I go back to work 6-weeks after I have the baby. The baby can easily sleep in this basket.

Thanks again, Doc.

3. Rocker/Sleeper: With this on my gift registry, it was a gift from one of the girls at my baby shower (but she doesn’t even know it! I used her gift card). I was so happy when it came in the mail yesterday.

It was after 9 when we finished the bassinet but I was determined to get this baby together. It was pretty simple and so convenient because it folds.

Two huge Pros: As I mentioned it folds up and can easily be carried from room to room or even to someone’s house. Also, it rocks back and forth. I gave it a good test try while sleeping in bed. Holds up to 25 lbs.

So how does one put baby down for nap? Some people like to read and we received plenty of reading materials from our baby shower. They have been laying around collecting dust on baby’s dresser until I nagged about getting a shelf already. We didn’t want to get a book shelf because we didn’t want to block any artwork if we didn’t have to, so we decided to get a shelf that we can drill into the wall. Pedro picked out a nice sturdy piece and while I was cursing under my breath while putting the Bassinet back together, he was putting up the shelf.

I have to say, it looks amazing and he did such a great job.

We don’t have bookends… so for now, we’re improvising.

So, what do you think? I think we’re almost done with the baby’s room, but there are still a few things around the house that need to get done. I wanted to do so much more, but didn’t have the time to get to it and I feel awful because the maid comes today. Hopefully it’s not too hard for her to clean around certain areas.

So close to the weekend. I’m looking forward to it. Happy Thursday.


3 thoughts on “Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

  1. The nursery looks wonderful! You will need all of those places for the baby to sleep because you never know what he or she will like. Also, it depends where you are as far as what you will use. Cayden HATED his bassinet and never used it much. He LOVED (and still does) his swing–he will sleep in it too. He enjoyed his bouncy seat/rocker and his little sleeper (kind of like your moses basket). He currently sleeps in his pack n play in our room and isn’t a fan of the crib in his room. LOL So, you never know. The rock n play is great and I think you will be very happy with it. The moses basket will be perfect to use at your parents’ house.

    It looks like you are getting very close to being ready! Any day now!! 🙂

    • It really is “crunch” time. I am just trying to get a lot done around the house because I know that once the baby is born and we come home from the hospital, family will probably be coming every single day. I know I’m not going to really want to leave either, especially since it’s going to be HOT outside. Know what I mean? I mean maybe I will leave during the week so my mom and dad could help me and I can get some sleep, but the good news is Pedro will be home for a week or so, so I know he will be a HUGE help. It would be really neat if he gets a call back from a school that he applied to — there were quite a few. He’d be a great teacher — and then he’d have a lot of holidays off including winter and summer (well, if he gets a job at a public school that is).

      Anyway, yes, I hope adjusting to parenthood will be an easy transition. I think the hardest for me will be breastfeeding, but I’ll find out soon. I can’t wait to meet this person that has been living inside of me for 9+ months. Seriously, it has been an amazing pregnancy. Thanks for following me throughout and for your numerous advice and knowledge thus far. It has been so helpful to have you here!

      • I hope I help rather than drive you insane with info you don’t care about! LOL I will tell you that breastfeeding was a real challenge the first two weeks. BUT–I am SO HAPPY I stuck with it. I absolutely LOVE it now and I am dreading having to wean Cayden. Pumping is kind of annoying but it is doable and you get used to it. I really think once you and the baby get the hang of it, you will be really happy. It is the BEST thing you can do for your child and there are a ton of benefits for you too–not only does breastfeeding shrink your uterus faster and make your belly flat a lot faster, it also does all kinds of great things to your hormones that will benefit you long after you stop. If you can, it is totally worth it. No formula can do what breast milk does. Did you know breastmilk changes to meet the needs of your baby? Formula can’t do that! 🙂

        It is a huge adjustment but you will be great–just be prepared that the first few weeks are tough and overwhelming but incredible at the same time. And, it gets easier as you both figure things out.

        It will be great having Pedro home for a bit–Justin was home for 3 weeks and it was awesome! I do hope Pedro gets one of the teaching jobs. That would be so great for all of you!

        Ok, I’m off to go see my sweet Cayden for lunch. Take care and please know you can call or text if anything comes up! I will be happy to help in any way I can!!

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