Here We Go…

5:45 AM: One-Hour Spinning (Intervals/Hills) – COMPLETED

6:50 AM: 3-Miles Elliptical – COMPLETED

First things first, update on the doctor’s appt. Stats updates: I’m 39-weeks and 1-day pregnant, B/P 118/80 (it was high the first time that the doctor made her do it again), baby’s HR strong and fast (probably b/c I came from the gym), Weight is 1.5 lbs. up (a total of 21 lbs.) and I am about 1 cm. dilated. I’m happy I’m dilated, but really it means absolutely nothing to me. I could be 1 cm. dilated for days/a week and nothing… It’s really when baby’s ready to come out. So, we’ll just wait and see. She says I look great and added to have sex. I asked her if that was really true, and she said yes… It is a hump day… TMI.

I asked her if I could come to group run on Saturday if I haven’t delivered and she said yes and that she would be there — she’s on call this weekend. She thinks I’ll go this weekend, but I don’t know. Like I said, it’s when the baby’s well and ready. She did add that I was super active so she wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up with a longer labor. For my sake, I hope if that happens, it’ll be a shorter recovery. She also said that there’s a group run every Thursday in Millburn (where I work) that she holds, at 6AM. She said post-pregnancy I should come. I got excited, but also forgot that I’ll have a major responsibility… A baby. HA!

So after discussing running shoes, running groups, and upcoming races – we parted ways and said we’d see each other at group run on Saturday. I still have to call the office back to set up my appointment on Monday. Their computers were down.

Anyway, last night we watched Kung Fu Panda 2 with Sabrina and Julian.

We wanted to take the kids out to eat beforehand, but after researching all the movie times, there was NO way we’d be able to pick them up, eat dinner and get to a movie. The times were all bad! In fact, the traffic was crazy that we ended up being 15-minutes late to the movie. I don’t think we missed much as there were previews. While we waited on a long line for tickets (I guess because there weren’t many people working considering it is a Tuesday evening) and popcorn and candy, Julian asked if I had my camera as he wanted to take a few pictures.

He was disappointed that I cut off the head of the Tranformers, and he gave me a bit of advice. He told me I should have moved back some more. My response, “If I moved back, I wouldn’t have been able to see YOU in the picture!” Apparently, he did not care if you couldn’t see him.

I used the bathroom while we waited for the drinks and popcorn (which took forever) and then some girl online fainted. Pedro suspects pregnancy. Anyhow, we didn’t really want the kids to see that so we hurried them along to the side to get our napkins, straws, and raced to the theater.

The movie was good. We laughed and I think some may have cried… It was about 8:35 when it ended and it was about their bedtime. It also started raining, so Pedro pulled the car up to us. While we waited, I took some snapshots of the kids.

On our drive home, Julian discussed having a sleepover at our house. We told him that next sleepover may include their new cousin. How exciting!

Okay, debating on what to do for lunch. Bosses will be out… Trader Joe’s, a mani/pedi?!? So many options. I’ll probably end up doing nothing. HA.

Happy Hump Day!


5 thoughts on “Here We Go…

  1. OMG I’m so excited 🙂 I know you are absolutely thrilled. Its funny my sister was told with her second baby to have sex as well, they did the deed and sure enough the next day she went in for her check up and the doctor told her she was 100% effaced and ready to be admitted into the hospital 🙂
    I wish you all the luck for an amazing delivery and labor if it comes before your next blog 😛

    • I KNOW!!! Can you believe it? I feel like it went by so fast and we’re almost there!!!! It’s amazing how these 9-months just flew by. I know a lot of women who are at this point of pregnancy are tired of being pregnant. I’m actually excited but at the same time sad. I am going to miss the bonding time we’ve had throughout this pregnancy. I know, I know.. even more fun and exciting times are about to begin! I will def keep you posted. Thank you again for following me throughout my pregnancy.

      Give my regards to Chewy and Andre.

  2. Thanks for the update. You are getting closer! And yes, I’m pretty sure your doctor’s advice works–it did for us! LOL Can’t hurt to give it a try, right?

    You two are way too funny–you spend more time talking about races and running than anything else!

    I’m happy you had fun at the movie and the kids are so cute. They are going to have fun with the baby.

    You might want to go get a mani/pedi at lunch in case you go into labor soon. That way, you will be all nice and pampered before you go into the hospital! 🙂

    Have an awesome day and can’t wait to get that text that Baby S. is coming! Give the baby a rub for me!

    • I feel like it was just yesterday that I sent you a private message about me being pregnant. You just had precious baby Cayden, too, so you weren’t in the office yet. I can’t believe it’s already almost here. It just zipped by. I’m excited, nervous and anxious to meet the little one. I’m wondering if it’s a boy or girl — whatever we have I will be completely happy and in love all over again.

      Didn’t make it out for lunch, so I may just go tomorrow at lunch. We’ll see what happen!

      Stick by your phone.. The text will be coming to you soon.

      • I know–it has gone by so fast! You will miss being pregnant but you will be so in love with your baby that you won’t mind. I know you have all kinds of feelings right now and they will just get more intense as the days go by. Just wait until you are in the delivery room! It is just an amazing experience!

        Sorry you didn’t make it out for lunch–I hope you can get it done soon. Have a great rest of the day and trust me, my phone is with me all the time! 🙂

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