Double Vision

5:45 AM: Spinning – COMPLETED

6:45 AM: Elliptical 4-Miles – COMPLETED

Funny story. Yesterday, my boss gave me my birthday gift. She was out of the office on Monday and kind of forgot (no big deal) and felt bad. Again, I don’t need gifts. I get to open the greatest gift of them all in a few weeks (if not days…). After work, I stopped by part-time job to drop off some food for my boss and to pick up the Moses basket she reordered for the baby as the first one was too big. She was just about to check out a patient when she saw me wandering the office and came out to give me hugs and kisses. She also went into her office to give me my birthday gift. She never forgets a birthday.

Now, for the funny part. As soon as my part-time boss (of 13-years) pulled out my birthday gift, I couldn’t believe that she picked out the same gift bag as my full-time job boss. So no, you’re not seeing doubles, there are two bags with two separate gifts for me.


Gift #1, from Pam, the attorney I work for full-time, bought me two pairs of workout clothes. Obviously, she knows that I love to work out. In fact, our office is very healthy and into working out. We all watch what we eat and exercise daily.


Gift #2, from Doc, well, she gave me a very good gift also. I believe two birthdays ago (or last, I can’t remember) she gave me a really nice lunch bag. I loved it. Unfortunately, I threw it out late last fall. During my first trimester, I was extremely nauseous and had a tendency to get sick in the car. Every morning on my way to work, I puked. Well, in the beginning, I didn’t think to carry brown paper bags. I learned my lesson when I puked in that really nice lunch bag that Doc gave me. I asked her if I told her that story because she just so happened to get me a new lunch bag with a fit & fresh lunch set.


So, I’m pretty much set post-pregnancy, right? I’ve got my workout DVD, workout clothes and lunch set to put healthy fruits and salads in. The only thing I need is my treadmill in our living room that I am determined to have my husband do this weekend.

Oh, I did get to have lunch with one of the loves of my life yesterday.


Happy Friday! I’ve got a 5k tomorrow morning, dinner with friends and more birthday celebrations. I’ll let you know if I go into labor.


4 thoughts on “Double Vision

  1. Ok, that is too funny with the gift bags! They are really great gift bags, by the way. I really like the color. I have been into green for a while. In fact, I’m wearing a green shirt today that is almost the color of your gift bags!

    Wonderful gifts you got too! I really like the workout clothes. The lunch bag and lunch set is perfect too! You have some sweet people around you who really know what you like!

    Oh, Scarlett is too darn cute. Those sunglasses are perfect on her! She’s adorable. I hope you all had a very yummy lunch!

    Have an awesome weekend and yes, please keep me posted if you go into labor! I hope you don’t go into labor while running your 5k…that might be kind of difficult for you. LOL At least your doctor will be there…. šŸ™‚

    • YOU are on my top list to get in touch w/ if I go into labor. Funny, I was close to texting you last night to tell you that I did not go into labor. I was just swamped at work. HA. I know… when you hear from me every single day and then you don’t… it’s like, “DID SHE HAVE THE BABY???” I’ll probably text you as soon as my water breaks or if I feel my first contraction and I’m not sure if it’s really a contraction. ;o)

      I thought it was so funny that both my bosses got me the same gift bag… I couldn’t believe it.

      I will text you after my race tomorrow just to let you know how I am feeling. I have a feeling my pelvic floor muscle is going to be achy… But other than that, I feel good. I’m going to rest tonight — just hang out around the house. Well, of course, do some last minute house things. I do need to stop at Babies ‘R Us. Do you have this item, btw? I’m thinking of buying it, even if I have a bassinet.

      What do you think? A waste?

  2. I almost sent a text to you last night asking if you were ok but then I decided I shouldn’t bother you. LOL I guess we were both thinking similarly again. I am so excited to be at the top of your list—I can’t wait to get that text! I’m just so happy for you two–you are about to have the most amazing, incredible experience. NOTHING compares to the first time you see and hold your baby. šŸ™‚

    I will be on the lookout for your text after your 5K just so I know how you and Baby S are doing. I hope you aren’t too achy. Good idea to get some rest and just do things around the house (but tell P not to make you go into labor because of being difficult about the treadmill)! Haha!

    Yes, I really recommend the Rock N Play sleeper thing. Cayden hated his bassinet for the longest time and those rock n play sleepers are amazing. Plus, they like to hang out in them when awake too.

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