A Busy Picture Perfect Saturday

7:30 AM: Spinning – COMPLETED

9:30 AM: Coaching GOTR – COMPLETED

First things first, we didn’t get out too early yesterday from work, so both Pedro and myself missed UPS and our new TV getting delivered. Not too thrilled about it since it’s supposed to be delivered this Monday after 5pm. I’m running a 5k with P’s niece and my sister, so that might be difficult to get to. We’ll need to figure it out. Also, Pedro said there was another UPS package that he missed — my birthday gift. Hmm… oh what, oh what could it be?!? It’s coming on Monday, my actual birthday, so he really isn’t late.

Anyhow, when I got home from work yesterday, I was exhausted. Pedro was hungry, so I took out my friend, George Foreman, and grilled some burgers for us. After, I was too tired to do anything, even though there was so much to do. I think I finally caught my second wind around 8:30 and starting to CLEAN. I straightened out clothes, the baby’s room is now pretty much cleaned out (we just need shelves really), I separated the laundry and got ready for my busy Saturday. It took me about two hours and I let Pedro play his xbox games. Around 11, we decided to hang out together and started watching King Pin. I fell asleep shortly after.

Today, I felt NINE months pregnant. I’m definitely getting BIGGER and feeling that lower pelvic pain, especially when I’m laying down too long and then need to go to the bathroom. I’m afraid to admit, I feel like I’m doing the pregnant waddle. Around 5:30 this morning, I felt a cramp coming up. Pedro helped alleviate it before it turned out bad and is not even sore. Thank goodness. I finally peeled out of bed at 6:45, used the bathroom, changed and then headed over to the gym to meet Courtney for spin. We decided to leave 5-10 minutes early so we could eat breakfast and head over to the park for GOTR. Today was our practice 5k and next Saturday, Courtney and I are running with Faith since her both her parents don’t run.

The 5k Practice was a great turnout. Our coaches are definitely awesome at this site. Here are a few pictures from today.





At one point, one of the girls, Havi, needed to use the bathroom, so I told her I’d take her, but we’d have to run to the bathroom. She was on her sixth lap and she needed to run 10. I figured she may run out of time. So if we ran to the bathroom, then back to the course, then finished the loop, we could give her two laps for that round. After, I helped Coach Jen with the ribbon at the finish line. We gave the job to two other girls that finished their 10 laps.





Coach Courtney was giving the girls their Certificate and Ribbons for finishing the Practice 5k. How exciting!!! We usually give out our certificates at our end of the season party, however, our site has 60, that’s right, “60” girls!!!! Oy. It would probably take over to hand those out. Last year, we had about 50 or so, and that was pretty rough.


We finished at our usual time, 10:45, but the coaches hung around for a little while longer. I, on the other hand, had so many errands to do. I needed to stop at Comcast to pick up our HD box, go pick up my dad’s SUV since my niece, Scarlett, is sleeping over, wait for our groceries to get delivered (between 12-2) and pick up Pedro’s glasses.

My niece is sleeping now, but I’ll post pictures of our fun afternoon/evening. I hope she sleeps through the night now. She was Ms. Busy Pants and loving every single second of it. I’m running on “E” myself and we have a busy day tomorrow. We’re having brunch with my grandfather who lives in Manhattan. Oy… time to catch some zZZzzzzz’s.


3 thoughts on “A Busy Picture Perfect Saturday

  1. Looks like a great day! I can’t believe you have 60 girls participating! That is just wonderful. This is such a great program and I am so happy so many girls are taking part. It is so great that you guys are running with Faith too, since her parents don’t run. You guys are so sweet.

    I’m happy the day went well and you are still spinning and running. Seriously, you are amazing. šŸ™‚

    • Can you believe 60 girls is just from OUR site? There are, I think 10 sites in our division. Sabrina is in an entirely different GOTR division and I know that tonight’s race has about 2000 registered. Wow. I think that’s a lot of people. I’m curious to see how many we’re expecting at our race this coming Saturday. I’m not really sure if I’ll be returning next season. I really want too, but at the same time, can I really commit? I might just be a sub. It really just all depends on how I adjust to Baby S. OMG, I’m so excited to meet him/her. Yesterday evening, Pedro was just holding my belly and s/he was going NUTS! ;o)

      • Oh how fun! I bet you guys loved feeling the baby moving so much! It is just so amazing. You will be meeting your sweet baby soon! I am so excited for you guys!

        I would say hold of on committing for sure for next year but I bet you will be able to either coach or at least sub. I think you will adjust just fine to being a mommy and still juggling your other commitments. Just think–you will be able to expose him/her to running right away! Well, you’ve already done that by running while pregnant but your baby will get to witness everyone running if you coach. šŸ™‚

        I think it is wonderful that so many girls are involved. 2000 participants for tonight is fantastic! Good luck to everyone!

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