Post-Pregnancy Motivation

6:45 AM: 3-Mile Run – COMPLETED

I know I’ve said this numerous times throughout my blog how I absolutely love being pregnant, but I can’t stress it enough. I love(d) every single minute of it. Even if it means vomiting, morning sickness, the headaches, the abdominal gas pains, not being able to see your feet, the feeling tired at random times, and especially getting up to pee 5-6x a night. I can’t complain about this pregnancy at all. When my OB/GYN told me that pregnancy is not a disease and that I can continue everything as normal, I really took that statement as it is. It has been a pleasant pregnancy thus far, and I can only hope and pray that the next 3-weeks (give or take a week or two) go by as smooth as possible. I will miss the constant bonding that I have had the pleasure of sharing with my bun, but I can’t wait to meet this life that my husband and I created together.

Do I have fears? Sure, the whole birthing process gives me chills, but this is what our bodies are made to do. We’re supposed to make babies. It’s unreal how it happens, but it’s life’s little miracles. The pain will all be worth it.

Post pregnancy what do I fear? I know this might seem selfish or vain, but will I get my pre-pregnancy body back? I’m friends with a lot of women that just had babies, and they have made me feel better about getting my pre-pregnant body back (and maybe even look better than my pre-pregnant days…). Allie, who had adorable, baby Cayden back in October, has gotten even below her pre-pregnant weight and she’s toning up areas that she didn’t think could get toned. For the most part, we’re both pretty much the same built, so that’ made me feel better.

Also, I don’t know if you remember my girlfriend Akua. She had her gorgeous baby girl, Jordan, in early April. I think it was April 5th or 6th. Here she is towards the very, very end of her pregnancy, when she was just about to hit 39-weeks.

She worked out about 4-5x during pregnancy (I think). She really was all belly. I was surprised when she said yes to attending my baby shower because it was a month after she gave birth… But check out she just bounced back to herself in just a month…

Wow!!! That’s really all I can say. One month later and she’s pretty much back to her pre-pregnancy weight/body. These two girls are my motivation.

Aside from that minor fear, I do fear how I will handle things post-pregnancy. I did get a lot of advice cards at my baby shower and many of them told me that if people offer to help me, take it!!! I will need all the help I can get. Fortunately, I have amazing family that love babies, so I know I will be get the help that I need. I do plan to make some foods and freeze it before I go into the hospital, but not that much…

Other “minor” fears: peeing, passing my first bowel movement (TMI), going back to work, breastfeeding, adjusting to the new schedule, getting my running speed back (yes, I fear this too), and just being a good mom. Like I said, these are all minor fears. For the most part, I know I’m ready. I’ve always had a knack for babies and caring for them. It just seemed to come naturally. If anything, I am more excited than fearful, so that’s a positive outlook.

Now, if I can just get motivated to, uh, pack my hospital bag, finish the nursery, get our bassinet together and our list of things that we need to have ready just in case I go early… then I’ll be 100% ready… Time to get the pen and paper out so that we can slowly cross off one thing after the other. Hopefully the last thing to cross off is “HAVE BABY!!!!” I’ll let you know how that goes.

Happy Friday!


4 thoughts on “Post-Pregnancy Motivation

  1. Hey there! I am really happy you have been able to enjoy your pregnancy so much. That’s the way it should be! You will miss having your baby with you all the time but it is just so amazing to be with them outside the womb that it makes up for it. You get to see the incredible little person that is both you and Pedro!

    I am happy I have been able to ease your fears a bit about post pregnancy. Akua looks totally incredible! You cannot tell she had a baby at all, much less a month before that pic was taken. Wow–that’s all I can say! You will be back to normal and even better in no time. First, you’ve only gained 19 lbs and will probably only gain a couple more. Half of that will likely be gone in a couple of weeks. In a few more, the rest will be gone just due to breast feeding and running around taking care of your newborn. I lost 25 lbs from Oct. 9 to Nov. 4 and you didn’t even gain that much to begin with so don’t worry.

    As for your running speed, I know you will get that back too. Just give yourself time and work back up to it. Let your body recover from being pregnant and giving birth and then ramp up your training. You will do great!

    I would like to be able to tell you more about labor but since I had a c-section, I can’t. I can, however, tell you that you won’t care what kind of pain you are in because all you want is your baby. I don’t even remember the pain from my c-section. I just remember holding Cayden and loving on him and learning to breast feed. The rest of it just didn’t even matter. Like you said, we are made to do this and you will get through it. Just focus on seeing that sweet baby!

    You will be a wonderful mother–just look at what you do for Scarlett, Sabrina and Julian and everyone else in your family. You are a natural caretaker and nurturer and honestly, babies just need love and care and you have that in spades. Plus, you have an awesome family for support. The biggest struggle we had the first couple of weeks was adjusting to little to no sleep and having trouble with breastfeeding. After two weeks, we got the hang of feeding and then Cayden got better about sleeping. He’s still not huge on it but good enough that we all get sufficient rest. You will do great!

    Ok, take care, have a lovely Friday and hope you get your to-do list DONE! Have a happy weekend!

  2. Seriously, you have been VERY helpful during my pregnancy. It helped a lot that you just went through it the month that I got knocked up (HA, am I classy or what?). Thank you so much for all the advice and yes, motivation throughout and especially post-pregnancy. You know I’m going to be getting in touch w/ you often post-pregnancy when I have questions about breastfeeding, crying baby, teething, etc. ;o) And you’re absolutely right, as much as it may be painful, I’ll be more excited to hold my baby — in fact, more excited because I don’t know if we’re having a boy or girl. For 9-months I kept thinking BOY, and now, I’m thinking, OH, it might be a girl… Do we have our names picked out??? LOL Of course not, I don’t even have my hospital bag ready. HA.

    And thank you for your very sweet words. I’m so super excited to start Motherhood! Am I goofy or what? What makes me more excited, though, is how excited Pedro is about being a papa. He comes to bed every night rubbing the baby and patting it good night. I can’t imagine what he’ll be doing when the baby’s in the crib. The other day he was bummed because he didn’t get to spend enough one-on-one time with Scarlett; and the weekend was spent watching Julian at his ball game and Sabrina at her play. So I know he’ll love being a father. Wonder if it’ll happen before Father’s Day and his birthday. That would be such a sweet treat for him.

    Anyhow, stay tuned for the Post-Pregnancy posts — where I’ll post my 1-week post pregnancy belly shots. OY. I’m dreading those. HAHAHA

  3. I can’t really give you any advice (no experience here!) but I think you look amazing pregnant so I know you will bounce right back. You seem to be doing everything right (exercising, etc.). You are my inspiration for when it’s my turn! The speed will come back eventually. I would just focus of getting your endurance back and then the speed will come. And yes, I already have a post-pregnancy running plan in my head for myself! I’m crazy!

  4. Kristy, I am sure you’ll still be running 4-5x a week once you have a bun in your oven. If not running 4-5x a week, it’ll be swimming and spinning. Those two activities have really helped me keep my sanity as well. Sometimes I feel like I get a better workout spinning/swimming/weight training than running because my speed is real SLOW. But, I don’t mind it.. it’s something that keeps me going — and I think it has helped keep the swelling down everywhere. I know they say you can’t help swollen ankles, face, etc., but honestly, I think being able to continue my consistent workouts (even during the crazy heat) has really helped me NOT swell… Or so that’s what I tell myself!!!

    And NO, you are not crazy about post-pregnancy running plans. LOL – My girlfriend, Courtney, that is 4-weeks behind me with her pregnancy, has already prepared our training schedule for a Marathon next Memorial Day. She ran this marathon in ’07 and had a BQ that she ran in ’08. So she’s determined to BQ again and would like to take me with her. I hope I can be as a fast as her, though. She says it’s a 32-week plan that starts October 16th. HA. It must be a runner’s thing. ;o)

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