Welcome June

6:45 AM: 3-Mile Run – COMPLETED

Happy National Running Day!!!! I remember last year, we just got back from Hawaii. The song really is true; First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage. Speaking of carriages, I think I have enough money to buy my running stroller. Anyway, I’m going all over the place with this first paragraph. To my fellow runners, I hope you get your run on. If not today, then maybe tomorrow. I got my run in, albeit slow as hell. I can’t complain, 37-weeks plus 1-day pregnant… I don’t expect anything more (or less).

I kind of freaked Pedro out last night. I was telling him about the patient in the waiting room who thought I was 7-months pregnant and when I told her I was 37-weeks, Pedro started going through the list of things we needed to get done. He then confessed that when I said I was 37-weeks, he started to calculate it and thought to himself, “Oh s#%t! She is 9 months pregnant!” So yeah, today is going to be a busy day. It’s a good thing I got gas before I got to work. I have to make us quick dinners and then we’re heading over to watch his niece’s play at her school. Since we have the cable guy coming tomorrow, we still need to get the room ready. So yeah, we’ll need to rush back home and set things up. I’m hoping by Friday night we can have a good bulk of the house ready because Scarlett is spending the night on Saturday. Pedro gets so excited when she comes around. I think it’s good practice for him. Plus, how can you not want to hang out with this cutie patootie.

Anyhow, another busy weekend coming up. Why did I think things were going to slow down two weekends ago?

I leave you with the sweetest pictures of my niece. She’s getting ready to be a big cousin. Here’s what she does when you ask if she greeted the baby yet.

Then, she poses for the camera.

Then she hugs and kisses baby.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get a picture of her lifting up my dress to see the belly. It was quite comedic.

Anyhow, here’s to a wonderful start of the month of June. My favorite month ever.


8 thoughts on “Welcome June

  1. Aw! Those are the cutest pictures of Scarlett! She is adorable!

    How funny that Pedro didn’t realize how close you are and how much needs to be done. He does know you can go into labor any day now, right? LOL

    Have a great night and have fun!

    • Yes, I reminded him that the baby can come at any time and even if I haven’t dropped yet, it doesn’t mean that the baby won’t drop tomorrow. I think Baby S is getting tight in there. Either that or s/he really likes watermelons because boy, is s/he stretching in there hard as can be. Pedro just told me now that when he came to bed at 2AM, he felt my belly and felt that the baby was going nuts.

      Scarlett is definitely a cutie pie. I can’t believe how BIG she looks. We’re taking her to this kids zone place where they have a kids supermarket and she can pretend to go food shopping, get on the check out line, etc. So excited to take her. But, tomorrow and Friday are going to be HUGE/CRITICAL nesting days. LOL

      • How funny! By the way, I didn’t ever drop (although, again, that could be because Cayden was breech) but my water broke anyway. You just never know–babies come when they are ready!

        That will be so fun–you all have so many fun things to do where you live. I bet you will get a bunch of great pics of Scarlett playing!

        Yes, get that nesting in–you will be a happier mommy if you get it all done and don’t have to worry about it anymore. 🙂

    • I think I just freaked myself out. I’m only halfway through with packing, we didn’t put the baby’s car seat in yet, and I did not even finish my disability forms. LOL So I faxed it over to my doctor and my boss is going to fill out his end of the paperwork tomorrow. Phew. Will I ever be as timely as my Gemini twin, Allie?

  2. Oh my goodness, those pics of you and Scarlett are TOO CUTE.

    Hey, if things keep going the way the are (IF) I’m planning on being in NYC for the Marathon. I’ll get to see you, the baby, and P!

    The IF is the guy… date 5 is tonight… Leo’s are trouble for me. But it’s fun. He’s sooooo good to me. And thinks I’m amazing. Will write more soon.

    And yes, June is a wonderful month but I might be a bit biased. 🙂


    • HOORAY! Are you running NYC or is Tim running it? I did not get in this year, BUT since it was my third consecutive time, I’m IN for 2012. Pedro says after that marathon, we can try for baby #2. Originally, my plan was next June, so yeah, next November might be much better. If you come out to NYC, you know that we’ll definitely be having dinners.

      OH, and um, I’m still in need of details for date #2!!! Don’t forget to email me and include dates #3-5 in that — and if there’s a 6th-x, I want those as well. LOL

      Geminis are coming out!!!! Best sign ever. ;o)

    • I didn’t have time to respond to your email yesterday as it was pure chaos at the office.

      Scarlett is definitely a cutie pie. She’s sleeping over tomorrow night and we’re going to take her to Kids Village — So cute. I think they have this supermarket for kids. They go shopping and check out. How stinkin’ cute is that???

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