A Successful Event

7:30 AM: Spinning – COMPLETED

Spin was pretty rough this morning. I swear, my legs felt heavy. I’m thinking it was a combination of lunges/squats and swim the last two days. I have to tell you, I love Frank’s spin class. His music is so good and his workout in general works up a sweat. I had to bring in Court’s cupcakes as I didn’t want them to melt in the car… It was HOT out even at 7:30 in the morning. Since Court is in VT for the weekend, I decided to skip out on Panera’s and get me a shake at the gym instead. My brother from another mother made me a yummy green monster.


So good. I left around 9 and then realized I needed to use the restroom. So I stopped at the Starbuck’s and got a bottle of ice-cold water and used their bathroom before heading over to the meet-up site for GOTR. There were a few coaches on the top hill with the girls getting ready to run and only myself and two other coaches setting up for the bake sale. We had a lot of yummy goodies. Also, the animal shelter was setting up their stands.







Around 10:15, the girls came down from the hill and were so excited to see the puppies from the shelter.





The girls had an amazing time selling cupcakes and petting the puppies. It was such an amazing turnout. Unfortunately, some of the girls started to cry hysterically because they wanted to take a puppy home. It was hard and sad.


Did I mention that they were filming a documentary on this particular shelter? They were actually filming us during the event.


How fun! I ended up leaving around noon as I was HOT and starving. I had drank two full bottles of water and had to pee at least 10x. It was rough. I’m glad I had put on some sunblock. I would have definitely gotten a sunburn. My sister and Scarlett met me up at the event and then we headed over to get some lunch. I had intended to come back, but the event was over by that time.

On a side note, we did awesome. We raised about $558.00 that will all be donated to Home For Good Dogs. So exciting.

When I got home, Pedro was cleaning up some things before my brother and Kevin came by. They were coming by to help bring down an old tube TV and stand from the workout room. We have the cable guy coming over next Thursday to set up the room. Things are slowly getting done before Baby S makes his/her appearance.

Oh, what a lonnnnnng morning…


3 thoughts on “A Successful Event

  1. That looks like sugar heaven!
    What a great cause! And I don’t blame the little girl for crying, I would too…those puppies are adorable.

    • Oh, I usually CRAVE sweets — but that afternoon, I was fortunate that I was NOT craving any sweets. I’d probably be as big as a HOUSE!!! LOL

      Oh, there were way too many cute puppies. I have to find out if most of them were at least adopted or fostered….

      • Looks like a wonderful event! You had so many great-looking items there and how great that you raised $558 for the puppies! I’m sorry some of the girls had trouble–it is so hard to see those sweet puppy faces and not take them home. Wonderful cause and you all did so well!

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