Goody Bags

7:00 AM: 3-Mile Run – COMPLETED

First things first, a quick update on my doctor’s appointment yesterday. So, I am 34-weeks (and a day today), B/P good, I’ve gained a total of 16 lbs. (home scale says 14.5-lbs), baby’s head is down. When I walked into the area where I get weighed and B/P, I could hear my doc coming towards me with, “I didn’t know you were racing last Sunday! If I knew, I would have ran with you guys!!! But I was out of town!”. Her boot is finally off and she mentioned that she ran for the first time the other day, at a very slow, slow pace. Her slow pace is a 10:26 min/mi. She already signed up for a marathon in September so she can qualify again for Boston. Unfortunately, she never had the time to defer since she was in Boston to run, but then realized, she was in too much pain. My u/s from last week’s big appointment was perfectly fine. She said I was in the 33rd percentile, I just have a small baby, and that’s normal. Her first born was 5 lbs., 5 oz. Pedro made me ask her if there was something I should be doing or not be doing to have baby grow more. She said, nope… Not a thing. Continue everything as normal. She said weight is great and asked if I was coming to running group on Saturday. So I stressed on, “I can continue running and exercising almost every day?” She said certainly. Phew. I have my last 2-week appointment set up and that’s when I’ll be 36-weeks. Then, it’s every week till I deliver. WOW!

Moving along, this Friday is my niece’s second birthday. Oh, I remember whens he was first born. I was in the delivery room with my sister and her husband. Scarlett Bella was so beautiful… and huge. HA.

She was a few weeks old in this picture and it’s one of my favorite pictures of her. Is she not a cutie patootie or what? Anyhow, she’ll be the terrible twos and a big cousin to little Baby Sanchez.

I’m preparing her goody bags for the party and in attempt to save money, initially I thought, “hey, we could just use brown paper lunch bags as goody bags!” Followed by another light bulb over the head, “Oh, and Target has $1.00 items for kids!” So, I made my way to Target yesterday after the gym.

I have a problem when I walk into Target. I walk out with things that weren’t on my list. I was determined to not let that happen yesterday.

It was a mess, and there were was so much to choose from…

I quickly dismissed the idea of brown paper bags when I found something so much better… Sure, they were $1.00/each, but I couldn’t pass on it. After I got the goody bags and inserts, I decided to do a quick walk through of Target, since I had the time… No cute maternity clothes (thank goodness), I picked up some fruits, and then Thank You cards. I did good. Altogether, the damage was about $88 (pat on back).

When I got home, I immediately put the bags together.

In a way, I kind of wish I was kid again so I could get this goody bag. I did get Sesame Street books for one of the kids since he’s only 8-months old. Can’t give him bubbles, or stickers, or water guns… Oh check out the goody bags I found for just $1.00.

The bags have a variety of things. Bubbles, stickers, mirrors, fruit snacks, water guns, animal bracelets, etc. Some bags have different things than others… I had to make sure it went with the appropriate ages.

We’re all ready to go — just have to bake the brownies, which will be done on Friday evening.

So, here’s the thing. What is the age limit on kids who should get goody bags?

3 thoughts on “Goody Bags

  1. Happy to hear your appointment went well! I am amazed you have only gained 14.5-16 lbs. I think I had gained that by week 23. LOL I am so happy that everything looks good with the baby and that h/she is just small. I figured that ws the case but it is good to hear it from the doctor. And, you can still keep exercising which is awesome!

    Those goody bags are ADORABLE! You did a great job! Just so you know, Cayden loves bubbles so I think even an 8 month old would enjoy them. Of course, they can’t use them themselves but they sure enjoy it when someone does it for them. šŸ™‚ I think all kids should get a bag, regardless of age (with age appropriate things, of course). But, that’s just me.

    It still seems odd that Scarlett is nearly two. I remember seeing her pics when she was born!

    My sister is 21 years old today (Carrie). I can’t believe that either! Time just flies.

    Have a wonderful day!

    • I still can’t believe my next appointment I’ll be 36-weeks and then we start the weekly appointments. I’m not sure if I’m getting excited or nervous or what?!? Whatever it is, I’m definitely looking forward to it all. Funny, last night, I was asking Pedro, “So, you excited for our one-year anniversary?” and he was like, “Eh… I’m more excited about the baby!” He was asking that if we have a boy, can he spend the bulk of the time with him watching sports, etc. I was like, “well, you need to be active first!” LOL I am super happy that he’s really excited. ;o)

      OH, good. I’ll put some bubbles in there – but I’ll write a label with the parents names so they obviously know to blow the bubbles for baby. I mean, duh… I think they’ll get it. HAHA.

      I’m telling you — you blink your eyes and babies just GROW up. I remember when she first rolled over, crawled and took her first step. I mean, look, your baby sister is 21!!! (My brother just turned 22). So yeah, you remember her in diapers. ;o) BTW, Happy Birthday, Carrie. Hope she has a wonderful day!

  2. I’m so glad everything went OK for you at your appointment. And I love your doctor’s attitude about continuing to exercise! You seriously look amazing!

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