Summit 5-Mile Race: The Race Swag Edition

7:00 AM: 3-Mile Wog – COMPLETED

I forgot all about my race swag from this past Sunday’s race. I know a few people that run for t-shirts. I like collecting BIBs. So, about this race, it’s a very small, small race. I mentioned before that I am pretty sure it’s small because there’s two bigger races in NJ happening on this day. We have the New Jersey Long Branch Marathon/Half Marathon/Relay and the New York TD’s Bank Five Boro Bike Tour. These two events are filled with thousands of athletes. Hence, at the Summit 5-mile Race, there were only 256 runners. Yes, that’s right… 256.

The cost of this race is $22. I believe post registration, it is $25. The race starts at 1pm. It’s kind of late for a race. Courtney ran this last year and I remember it being hot and humid. She said it was not fun at all. Especially around mile 4 when the hills, and I mean HILLS, come into play. I have to say, there are a lot of water stations, the volunteers are awesome and motivating.

After the race, right across the finish line, there was the town fair going on. How fun! Zeppoli’s, kettle corn, Italian hotdogs and sausages, BBQ. There were vendors selling those cheap sunglasses, sundresses, jewelry, paintings. It was really just the perfect day with the perfect weather.

Of course, I forgot about my swag and didn’t even bring it into the house till Monday night.

I’m surprised that the t-shirt is long sleeves. It’s a Spring race. I don’t mind long sleeve t’s though.

So, they gave A LOT of chap stick. I found it hysterical because Pedro’s always saying how my lips are chapped. In fact, he’s nicknamed me Chappy. (Another nickname is Crumbs because when I eat, there are always crumbs all over me). P said, “Oh, they must have seen you from afar and got the race swag bag with all the chap stick for you!” HA!

I’m impressed with their swag. I’ve had swag that had nothing but advertisements and a t-shirt. So this one was pretty hefty for a very small race. No complaints here!

On an unrelated racing note, last night I started cramping up and it lasted for 30-seconds each time. Oh, the joys of pregnancy. During my 10-mile race and half marathon (27-weeks and 29-weeks), I had Braxton Hicks visiting — My OB stresses hydrating. I felt like I was drinking so much and the more I drank, the more I had to pee. You can’t win.

I’m scheduled for a half-day at work. I get to see how the bun’s cooking in the oven via ultrasound. How fun! Last time I saw her/him, I was only 19-weeks and a few days. So this will be interesting. I can’t believe it’s been 14-weeks since I’ve seen him/her.

I’ll update later…

One last thing… me this morning trying to see if my laces are tied.

Whoops… can’t quite see them. I have to hold the camera in a different angle.

Hmmm… It’s getting harder to see my feet.


5 thoughts on “Summit 5-Mile Race: The Race Swag Edition

  1. Great pic at the end! It gets harder and harder, huh?

    Looks like you got some great stuff for the race.

    Yep, you are experiencing Braxton-Hicks contractions. Drink, drink, drink your water. It really does help. I was drinking a gallon–yes, a gallon–of water each day during my third trimester and it helped immensely. You probably need to drink even more because you are so active. And yes, that means you will need to move into the bathroom. LOL

    Have a great rest of the day and enjoy your ultrasound! Can’t wait to hear how Baby Sanchez is doing!

    • I will text you tonight to let you know how it went! ;o) I’m definitely excited/nervous. I can’t wait to see him/her.

      Yeah, I’m going drink lots right now. I’ll definitely need to camp out in the bathroom. HA.

  2. Thanks–I will be thinking about you and Baby Sanchez this afternoon. Can’t wait to hear! Try not to be too nervous–your doctor obviously wasn’t too worried or she wouldn’t have made you wait a week to get your ultrasound. Trust me, if they are worried about something, they send you right away. Everything is fine and I can’t wait to hear all about your wonderful baby!

    Have fun with your drink, go to the bathroom, drink, go to the bathroom, repeat schedule. It’s lots of fun. LOL

    • Thanks, Kari. I’m leaving the office in a few minutes. I’m nervous/excited… but always more nervous. LOL I’ll keep you posted.

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