Three Strikes: NYC Marathon 2012 Awaits

7:00 AM: Supersets + Weights – COMPLETED

Yesterday was the lottery drawing for the NYC Marathon, which is the first Sunday in November.

I know; what was I thinking? Putting my name in the lottery when I’ll be delivering the baby mid to late June possibly. I won’t be able to run till 4-6 weeks after (or 8 if I get a c-section), giving me maybe two months of training? Yeah, that’s not good. Not good at all. So why would I put my name in the lottery? There are three ways to get into the NYC marathon. (1) Run nine of the NYRR races + volunteer for 1; (2) Run for Charity; or in my case (3) Put your name in the lottery three consecutive years, paying a $12.00 non-rechargeable fee each year and if you don’t get in all three years you sign up, you are guaranteed the following year. With that said, I was not chosen for the 2011 lottery drawing. WOO HOO! I’ll be running the NYC Marathon in 2012.

I wanted to run this race at least ONCE, so 2012 is the lucky year. Some fun facts: I’ll be 32-years old, Baby Sanchez will be 17-months old, Courtney says if she’s not pregnant with baby #2, she will run most of it with me. She’s ran NYC Marathon a few times, so she’s familiar with the course.

I was really relieved when I didn’t get in. I was hopeful I’d get in last year because I knew we wanted to try for a baby, but it’s a good thing I didn’t get in. I would have been 7-weeks pregnant and boy, oh boy was I experiencing some morning sickness/vomiting at that time.

On another pregnancy related note, while I was at my OB/GYN’s waiting room yesterday, I brought along my Fit Pregnancy magazine and read an interesting article (and I know this only pertains to one study, but I still found it interesting):

A Better Birth Weight: A moderate-intensity exercise routine, especially the second half of pregnancy, gives your baby a better chance for a healthier birth weight, according to a study of 84 healthy-weight, first-time moms. Starting at week 20 of pregnancy, half the women did 40 minutes of stationary cycling five days a week until about week 36; the others didn’t exercise. The exercising moms’ babies averages 7 pounds, 8 ounces at birth; the sedentary moms’ averaged 7 pounds 13 ounces. Researches speculate that exercise helps “normalize” the fetus’s nutrient supply. Newborns who weigh more than 8 1/2 pounds are a higher risk for being overweight or obese in childhood.

Again, this is based on just one study. My girlfriend was very healthy and worked out a ton during her pregnancy. Her baby girl was over 8 pounds and so I don’t think that it means that her baby is at risk for being overweight or obese in childhood.

What do you think?


3 thoughts on “Three Strikes: NYC Marathon 2012 Awaits

  1. You are too funny, already planning for the marathon in 2012. You are awesome! It will be such an accomplishment to run it.

    Interesting study…I don’t disagree with it because I think exercise is fantastic for you, pregnant or not. So, how could it not be beneficial to the baby? Makes perfect sense. It is interesting to note that Cayden was 7 lbs, 8.9 ounces, so almost exactly what they said the exercising moms’ babies were. I exercised a lot prior to pregnancy and a fair amount until 12 weeks when I was put on restrictions but still, rather interesting. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    • I was so nervous waiting for the results to the drawing. The problem is, I think NYC won’t let you defer anymore (w/c anyway would be crazy money. I think I’d still have to pay the full fee this year, which is $175 or more + next years entry fee. I mean, really? That’s way too much money). So my heart was palpitating and I was crossing my fingers I wouldn’t get in. You think I’m nuts for planning a a 2012 marathon — I was already planning I’d be pregnant by November 2012 with baby #2. But when I found out I wasn’t in, baby plans changed and I called Pedro to tell him I was a guaranteed IN 2012, so we’ll try for baby #2 in November. HA.

      Yeah, Pedro found that information interesting also. I think it’s funny that my OB doesn’t think that there’s a way an 8 pound + baby is coming out of me. It might be because I’m carrying small though. ;o) Oh, and I do remember you working out the first 12 weeks until you had those restrictions. And look at you now! You’re baby weight melted right off and you’re lighter now than pre-pregnancy. The body is an amazing machine. ;o)

      • I don’t think you are nuts–just really, really dedicated! LOL I am a planner but you are an ultra-planner. 🙂 I’m glad it all worked out so that you will be in the race in 2012 and then can try for baby #2.

        My doctor figured Cayden wouldn’t be more than 8 lbs. For a while, she didn’t think he would be more than 6. Then he just started growing! LOL You just never know but I bet yours will be in the 6 to 7 1/2 lb range. We will see in just a few short weeks! 🙂

        I feel very lucky to have lost my baby weight quickly and without too much trouble. I gained more than I wanted (although I think a lot was water weight because I lost 25 lbs in the three weeks following Cayden’s birth). I think that being a regular exerciser REALLY made a difference because my body was able to snap back to a more normal state. Me not working out was out of the norm and my body didn’t like it. Once I got back to my normal routine, things just came together. You are right that the body is truly amazing.

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