Still Have My MoJo

5:45 AM: Spinning – COMPLETED

6:50 AM: 2.25-Mile Run/Walk – COMPLETED

Don’t be fooled by the title. I’m not speaking of my workout mojo. I speak of this yummy snack.

I’m not sure which one I like better; Mountain Mix or Peanut Butter Pretzel. Both are equally good.

It was 80-degrees when I left the office yesterday and boy, oh boy was I hot. I got home and although I would have liked to close the kitchen (oven on during a hot day/evening is just plain old wrong), but dinner needed to be made for my husband. I was having leftovers. I was exhausted after eating, cleaning and packing for the gym, so, I hit the hay at 8:30 last night. Pedro was studying for his exam, and I wasn’t even trying to fight it. So I relocated into the bedroom and called it a night. However, the night had many, many bathroom visits. I think they were at 10:30, 12:00, 3:00, 4:00 and finally when I woke up at 5. Oh, the joys of being pregnant. Anything for the bun.

Luckily I was packed this morning, but there were some dishes still in the sink that I couldn’t bare to leave for after work. I have OCD about these things. Of course, that put me a little bit behind schedule, so I had to run out the door and I got to the gym right in time.

Spin was great. The instructor really likes to go more than 45-minutes — so I stayed for however long she was teaching. Some people gave up and left. It messed with my running time though — I was pressed for time. I needed to be in the shower by 7:25 and out the door no later than 7:45. Well, I was 3-minutes late, but fortunately, my OB/GYN is pretty close even being two towns over. New Jersey is not a big state.

So I had my 32-week visit this morning, and the stats are in.

Dr. Update: B/P 90/60, weight gain was +1 lb., and baby’s heart rate was super strong. In fact, it was racing fast and I made a comment. My doctor says, “Oh, it must be a girl!” Then she turned around and said, “No way. It’s definitely a boy!” So I asked her why she thought that and she said because of the way I am carrying. I’m tiny. I proceeded to ask her how my belly was measuring and she said small. I’m measuring 30-weeks so she wanted to order an u/s. Initially I was upset about the news. I didn’t like what I was hearing, but she told me it was nothing to worry about. She says, it might mean the baby’s just small, which is perfect normal. She can’t see me delivering a baby over 8 lbs. I’m too tiny. I’m healthy, I work out, I’m small — so it’s nothing to worry about.

I shouldn’t be concerned because the baby is really active in my belly. I mean constantly moving all morning, afternoon and evening. Now, P, on the other hand, was acting so worried that I had to tell him to stop. I mean, if he worries, then I worry even more — and I shouldn’t be worrying. If anything, it just means we get to see our little miracle inside the womb. So, I’m looking forward to my appointment next Wednesday. I’ll keep you posted on that appointment.

Okay, back to work. At least we’re halfway done with the work week.


3 thoughts on “Still Have My MoJo

  1. I like a lot of the Clif bars–they are so good. Unfortunately, most of them have whey in them so I can’t have them now.

    Glad spin was good today and you got your good instructor. You are just so awesome keeping up with spin!

    Don’t worry about measuring small…like you said, you are a tiny person! It would be odd for someone our size to carry a big baby. Cayden was 7 lbs 8.9 ounces when he was born and now he weighs over 17 lbs and is wearing 9 month clothes even though he is only about to be 7 months old. Small babies come from small mommies (a lot of the time anyway). So, it is nothing to worry about, especially given how active your baby is. I am sure you working out so regularly has something to do with it too. You are a super-healthy, active pregnant woman who has had a great pregnancy so don’t worry. P needs to quit worrying too–it does no good. Trust me! On the plus side, like you said, you get to see your sweet baby again! I so enjoyed every U/S we had (and we had 18 of them LOL). It is just so awesome to get to see your baby. I’m looking forward to your blog about the U/S!

    Hope your day goes well and goes fast. I’m ready for the weekend–this has been a long week for some reason.

    Oh, and I totally feel you on the OCD. I am very OCD about a lot of things, one of which is dishes in the sink. I can’t leave my house with dishes in the sink, the bed unmade, or the house not straightened. That’s why I build time into my morning to make sure I have time to do those things.

    Have a great day!

  2. So, do you think I need to tone it down with my workouts? My doctor didn’t really tell me if I should. In fact, I called her back to make sure (even though I know she’d say it was okay) that I could run my race on Sunday. Of course she said it was fine.

    I just looked up a bunch of forums online — I know I need to stop with that — and a lot of people were saying that the baby measuring small is completely healthy. And some people were 37-weeks but measuring 33-week — and things were just fine. And that after 32-weeks the baby is moving a lot or may be curled up so it can never really be accurate when measuring. Hey, at least I get to see the little bun. ;o)

    Thanks for your advice! I needed some guidance.

    BTW, you’re my Gemini twin for sure. I came home from work yesterday, saw P’s clothes on the bathroom floor, the bed unmade, living room disheveled. I couldn’t take it. I had to pick up the clothes and put them in the hamper, make the bed (even if I was going to bed 3-hours later) and put dishes away. Oy.

    Have a great day too!

  3. Not necessarily–it may just be one factor in you measuring small. I think as long as you feel good, are gaining weight, and feel the baby frequently, you are fine. There is a good chance that you would measure small even if you did exercise less just because you are small in general. (Just fyi, I measured on time throughout my pregnancy but I gained more than you and wasn’t nearly as active. I bet I would have measured smaller if I had been able to stay as active as I wanted). Your baby is obviously a healthy, active baby and your doctor isn’t concerned so unless you feel you are stressing your body, I say keep doing what you are doing.

    I literally cannot handle things being a mess in my house. Can’t do it. I can deal with Cayden’s toys out while he is playing with them or things out while we are using them but when we are finished, they have to be put away and I can’t leave the house unless things are where they should be. Drives me nuts…I can’t stand to come home to messes like what you described. Why can’t our guys see that too and straighten it up before they leave? 🙂

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